3 years ago and I still feel the same.

By purplehaze · Jul 11, 2008 · ·
  1. purplehaze
    Phaze wrote this 3 years ago, saved it in a txt file and has just revived this dead file.

    Tryptamene posted in his blog something that made Phaze remember this file and he decided to blog it so everyone could read it.

    Here it is in it's exact context.

    "Be original: If you have to tell a lie, Know the truth.

    My life suck's as it currently stands. I work constantly and let life pass me by, I guess that's what were all intended to do is let life pass us by. We all fight it and say were not going to let it happen, But in the end we all follow the system. There's not alot of way's of beating the system. Everything is setup so that we are forced to work and produced good's or product's to the mass's. Everybody is fighting over that last dollar...

    The view of a 18 year old suffering from major denial.

    We are all fighting over a piece of cotton, money is actually made out of cotton and not wood like most may think. Were fighting over it as if it is going to help us in life. Money give's us a false since of security and power. We have devoloped a system that everybody must follow, kind of like a child's game, we make the rules to our own game and the Goverment force's us to comply or never have anything. They can take us and do whatever they want with us at any given time because they have the power to do so. In reality they have no right to do anything to anybody and when your putting someone in jail or talking to someone think about it in reality. Let me give you a example. If your in a arguement with your sybling or friend over money and your really mad at them, Think if we couldn't speak that person standing there moving there mouth making noises, like a dog growls when its mad. Getting mad is nature, but what do dog's fight over? Food. What do we fight over? Anything that piss's us off. We have devolped a false since of security for ourselves with our car's and our bank notes and playing the game. What if the next time that a cop said he was going to put u in jail you looked at it from reality instead of the game we are forced to play, what would it be like? It would be like a man wondering what your doing if your trying to cheat in the game and break the rules of the game that we have made up and he is going to take you and resist your hands from moving and take you from that location and he is going to put you in a building and leave you there and then when you get out you get a peace of paper that's called a ticket, you have to pay this ticket or they will come and get you again. Now isnt this some shit, now you have played by the rules and been took to there "jail" and now your forced to pay a fine? We work for cotton and we give this cotton a holy enchantment of power each day by playing the game. What if the next time that we got pulled over because we were breaking the rules that we made up, not really doing anything wrong like, for instance this is one real big thing that bugs the shit outa me, cuss words. Think about it next time someone cuss's you, what if they were barking at you, would u still get mad? We made a language up and then we added cuss words, just another pronociation and another meaning in addition to our fucked up communication. It means nothing, if someone is cussing there using there vocal cords to make a sound and even if it comes out like fuck or shit or mother fucking godamn, what does that mean to us if we didn't know the language? Nothing, no matter how smart we get no matter how far we advance, each and everyday we are adding new rules into the game. For what? What is the reason why we must fuck with people that arent doing anything, I can understand if somebody kill's someone or rapes someone but little thing's like running a stop sign or slightly speeding, shouldnt this be avoided? If someone is doing 60 in a 55 should they have to really give fine money? If we didn't pay the goverment they would lose there power, Becuase true power come's in number's. We need rules and regulation's yes, but we dont have to be nazi's about them. If someone isnt in danger at that moment then nothing should be said.

    Im sure at some time there is alot more i could add to this when i have more time but for the moment im done. "

    Sadly phaze never added anything more to it.

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  1. mickenator
    That is the trouble with life it is all fucked up at times. Police busy arresting people for silly thing when there are major crimes being comitted. Yet we still tollerate this crap and let life pass us by without a word.
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