34M Filipinos hooked on drugs

By BlueMystic · Jul 5, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic

    34M Filipinos hooked on drugs -- Reyes
    People's Journal (Philippines)
    July 2, 2005

    THE government has expressed alarm over the 3.4 million Filipinos presently hooked on drugs, mostly "shabu," despite efforts by authorities in dismantling 32 clandestine laboratories the past three years in the lucrative drug industry with an estimated income of P300 billion annually.

    Interior and Local Government Secretary Angelo T. Reyes, concurrently chair of the Dangerous Drugs Board ( DDB ), in a speech read for him by Undersecretary Wincelito Andanar during the observance of the International Day Against Drug and Illicit Trafficking at the Manila Hotel on Monday, called for a concerted global effort to fight the drug menace that has affected some 200 million worldwide.

    Last year, drug lords in the country, many of whom were of Chinese origin have manufactured P300 billion worth of illegal drugs, he said.

    During the same period, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency ( PDEA ) dismantled 11 clandestine drug laboratories countrywide and destroyed P20 billion worth of "shabu," dubbed as the poor man's cocaine, Reyes said.

    In a message, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan lauded the government around the world in the fight against drugs.

    "In doing so, we send a positive message to all people who might be tempted to use drugs: 'Value yourself...make healthy choices'" by avoiding the use of drugs.

    "Where drug abuse destroys bodies and minds, sport makes them stronger and healthier. Where drug abuse undermines incentive, sport involves striving for excellence. Where drug abuse threatens relationships, sport enables participation. And where drug abuse preys on aimlessness, sport offers young people focus and structure," Annan said in his message.

    Reyes said the drug menace is not only a problem of the Philippines but its tentacles have spread all over the globe, developed and developing nations alike.

    The drug problem has been compounded with the HIV epidemic because many drug addicts have shared contaminated needles, according to Dr. Maria Elena F. Borromeo, United Nations AIDS country coordinator, who was one of the speakers.

    Borromeo said there is "no magic solution" or "quick fix" to crush the drug menace but for every person to be involved in licking the problem.

    In 2004, PDEA destroyed some P40 billion worth of seized drugs, according to Undersecretary Anselmo S. Avenido Jr., PDEA director general.

    PDEA also arrested 70,000 individuals during the same period and one half of the number were involved in drug trafficking, Avenido said.

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  1. sands of time
    Is shabu suppost to be some sort of amphetamine?Edited by: sands of time
  2. BlueMystic
  3. blackone
    I've been to the Philippines before, and yup shabu(meth) is very big there.

    Not in the city I went to though - the policemen solved the problem by ganging up on the druglords at nighttime wearing masks, boom dead;p They call it something like "bendita"

    Of course the official explanation would always be gang wars.
  4. nozty
    the shau problem here is crazy here in the philippines. a few months ago a "shabu" huge "shabu" market got raided and the police confiscated a massive amount of meth. its one of the only major drug problems in the philippines. most of the cops would even slip a plastic containing "shabu" on a routine frisking. and for swim well i even know people in the PDEA that sell the confiscated drugs after. it just runs around the market like crazy. its a curse and its the money that prevents the arrest of the major drug lord here.... hehe just sharing some info.. oh yah and btw the chemists here are usually rought to other countries to make meth too... its a sad world cause of "shabu/ice"... =(
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