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38,000 pounds of weed, 2,700 pounds of coke, and 64 pounds of meth seized

  1. Snouter Fancier
    pot-cocaine_seizure.JPG San Bernardino - San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies have uncovered a multimillion-dollar haul of marijuana and other drugs in the back of a big rig.

    The sheriff's department said Thursday that deputies pulled over a tractor-trailer for a traffic violation on Wednesday and noticed an overwhelming smell of marijuana.

    They found the trailer was filled with large cardboard containers on pallets holding thousands of heat sealed packages of narcotics.

    Investigators seized approximately 38,000 pounds of marijuana, 2,700 pounds of cocaine and 67 pounds of methamphetamine, valued at $45 million.

    The driver, Fernando Luevano, was arrested and detained in lieu of $5 million bail.

    Text Story by:
    Associated Press
    Posted by: Tony Spearman / myFOXla.com
    Source: http://www.myfoxla.com/dpp/news/local/45m-worth-of-drugs-found-in-truck-20100624


  1. xenos
    Jeesh, you would think that the driver would take the effort to obey traffic laws... It seems that so many busts like this begin because of "traffic violations"
  2. Demosthysias
    It's terrible to see such a waste of drugs. Especially cause the runner couldn't obey the traffic laws? wtf
  3. Raoul duke420
    After watching plenty of episodes of that DEA show swim has concluded that these are not "Random traffic stops" usually. swim thinks its more likely the driver was snitched on by someone in his circle looking for less time. Just swims opinion. Anyways fuck all that cartel shit, torch it. :applause:
  4. tashuisclay
    x2, usually the actual bust is handed over to local traffic cops, to disguise the source of where the information is coming from that led to the seizure, to protect a continuing police operation
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