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  1. Basoodler
    SONORA (CBS SF) — Three third-grade students at a Sonora elementary school were busted for smoking pot in the school’s bathroom last week.

    Two 8-year-olds and a 9-year-old were caught by another student, who immediately informed school administrators.
    Those officials then alerted local police.

    The students were questioned by officers, and later released to their parents on February 27th.

    Sonora Elementary School Principal Chris Boyles would not speak with CBS SF regarding the case, but Superintendent Leigh Shampain confirmed that the students were caught smoking marijuana in the school’s bathroom.

    He would not discuss how the students might be disciplined.

    “(I’m) shocked. To be in third grade and have their own pipe,”
    parent Linda Rodriguez commented to KTXL-TV.*

    “I think they should be expelled, but I also think they should follow it further to where they found (the drugs).”

    The case was forwarded to the Tuolumne County Probation Department.




  1. MikePatton
    "I think they should be expelled" - how the fuck is kicking them out of school going to help them? That's like saying "marijuana might ruin your life, so if I catch you smoking marijuana, I will ruin your life". What kind of logic is that? What happened to compassion and education? Did anybody bother check if those kids have problems at home? Or educate them abiut the dangers of smoking at such an early age??
  2. Ellisdeee
    Schools have paradoxical forms of reprimand. This probably is still given out for this penalty but, do you know what happen to me when I got caught skipping school, failed to report to the office, and skipped anyway? I got called in the next morning and suspended for 3 days in a row. When you skip school, you don't get to say "Oh, I skipped, can I turn these in late". But if you are suspended, teachers have to accept your assignments late since you can't show up at school. I mean, I was skipping at lunch (after 2 classes) and totally missing my work in the later two. Now I got 3 days off and I could turn in work for all 4 classes at my leisure when I am allowed back.

    Makes total sense right? Welcome to American schools. It's just silly. I have a whole book of stories like this - stuff you may not actually believe a school took action over, or how they decided to respond to an incident. Even passing them is no more than calculating the required credits and figuring out how many classes you can fail while still getting a diploma. It is quite a careless/unattended transition in my eyes. Nobody cares much. Now college/universities is a whole new thing. I have never seen teachers and staff as compassionate for individuals, and far more concerned about individual health rather than tossing rule books around. Good luck with public USA school though. The good teachers/compassionate staff are a gem in those places.
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