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4,000 drug pills, hashish seized from 3 Bedouns after raid on flat

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    4,000 drug pills, hashish seized from 3 Bedouns after raid on flat

    KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: In an intensive operation, two Bedouns were arrested for the trade of narcotic “Kabti” pills and hashish.

    Acting on information and armed with a warrant, a team formed by the Director-General of the Anti-Drug Department Brigadier Ahmad Al-Khalifa raided the flat of one of the Bedouns and seized 1,000 pills and a quarter kilo of hashish. The man was arrested and confessed to selling the drugs at coffee shops in Salmiya.

    He also led the officials to his two Bedoun partners. The officers managed to lure the other two men into selling three pills at a meeting place in Fahaheel. On reaching the venue, the Bedouns suspected that their customers were policemen and fled from the scene. While one managed to escape, the other was arrested after a three-hour long chase.

    During interrogation, the Bedoun confessed to smuggling drugs from his brother in a neighboring country. Security sources reported that a total of 4,000 pills were collectively seized along with the hashish.

    A case has been registered and investigations are on to find and arrest the third partner.



    anyone know what Kabti pills are?


  1. st4rb0nes
    "Kabti" is an abbreviation for Captagon which are amphetamine compound pills.

    I'd post a Wikipedia link here but it won't let me so you could just google "Captagon" or "Kabti" in arabic.
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