4-HO-MET (Definition of Beauty)

By syntheticdave · Dec 22, 2012 · ·
  1. syntheticdave

    20 milligrams of 4-hydroxy-N-methyl-N-ethyltryptamine was weighted out and placed into a capsule, what fallows was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my research chemical career.

    The story takes place at my house, I was alone, in good spirits, and had long been awaiting my next psychedelic journey. It was 9:50pm when I ingested the capsule containing a slightly off white powder, I had worked with this compound in the past at 10 milligram and 16 milligram doses so I was comfortable enough to up the dose to 20 milligrams and explore the experience.

    It was around 10:20 when there was a noticeable change in perception, colors became more vivid, outlines became more rigid, music started to really flow together, and a very light feeling of intoxication came over me. I noted this period as the start of the come up, until about 11:30 the effects got progressively more noticeable, there were some minor negatives, body load, nausea, and a bit of anxiety. I had one of my favorite music artists playing (Summer Heart) their music put me into an extremely relaxed state of mind.

    Soon the negative effects faded away, I remember look downward at the computer to check the time it was around 11:40, I began to noticed that the song I was listening to had drastically slowed down, there were notes and sounds within the song which had previously gone unnoticed, which were now completing the song. I look away from the computer and am shocked by the utter beauty of the room surrounding me.

    The ceiling fan was casting a moving shadow across the room which almost resembled the effect from a disco ball, the lights were giving off this brilliant multicolored glare, different colors were creeping across the walls, and across the table was a very familiar pattern that I always tend to see on tryptamines, its green and pink colored but I cannot place my finger on what shape it is, I try to draw it but it continues to change its shape and beauty.

    At this point its around 12:15 I am crying tears of joy at the sheer beauty of the simplest things, beauty which I have previously missed on my prior psychedelic journeys, there is some great distortion of time at this point, everything has a trailing effect to it which makes the experience just that much more magical.

    I am filled with enlightenment, I am here, I have finally reached the perfect dose of 4-HO-MET, I am in a good state of mind and a full blow psychedelic experience, I lay my head back and close my eyes, at first there is nothing, it feels as if I didn't even close my eyes but as I begin to search, everything becomes revealed, I begin to fallow a string of different colored neon stripes down a tunnel, the tunnel opens up and at the end of it is a very vibrant red orb, I am moving toward the orb and at this point I have completely forgotten about my physical body and its location within the room. As I begin to get closer to this orb there are shadow like objects moving across, moving with such grace and beauty.

    For some odd reason I opened my eyes, after that I lost the ability to see a lot of the closed eye visuals, It was around 1:30 when I looked at the clock again, the effects began to decline fast, though I am stilled filled with joy and continue to think about the experience in which I just progressed through until I finally fell asleep.

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  1. hookedonhelping
    Interesting report Dave, a background of previously researched compounds could be found here somewhere?
  2. syntheticdave
    I do not have something written at the moment however I most defiantly can, If you look at my pictures I have taken the time to photograph the compounds I currently have on hand which I have worked with.
  3. SpatialReason
    Thank you for this! My interest is piqued!
  4. Crazy Insane Sanity
    4-ho-met is one of my favorite psychedelics, and this report does a fantastic job at illustrating why. I also tend to notice pretty drastic color distortions on it, which I really enjoy.
  5. bhonkers
    Loved reading that description. Very vivid and could picture the scenes very lucidly in my mind.

    The alteration of time awareness and perception is worth having since you realize it's not the drug altering time but your brain and neurology.

    Recalling it as if you are there again right now, if you see yourself then step inside yourself and fully relive in the way your mind has coded the memory. The content isn't so important but the quality of the images, sounds and feelings. Such as brightness and colour, sharp or blurry, where in your mind it is located, movie or slide and so on.

    If you put a memory of another pleasant time in your life into all those qualities you can enjoy it more in a slow and longer lasting way. Some things are worth lasting many hours that usually end up over too fast.

    It's a good skill to have and with practice and curiosity to enjoy even more while still having time to do other stuff. Slow down the fun and speed up the crap.

    I'm just about to post another way to access time distortion through self hypnosis/meditation on my NLP group.

    Keep up the excellent work.
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