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By lkt004 · Jun 24, 2015 ·
  1. lkt004
    4 hours to mark 40 reports, should be fine, but i want to get it done earlier and try out a few things for when stuff gets crazy again.

    I've had 1mg lorazepam so far today but was earlier on the day.

    7:50 Took 10mg oxycodone/naloxone somewhat sublingually but mostly just swallowed, tried to do it sneakily within the lounge room. Other times ill get it to a fine powder to get around the slow release mechanisms. (it tastes horrid)

    Marking begins 7:58 - 8:17 warm fuzzy hug feeling of oxy beginning to creep in slowly, breaking capsule up certainly helped with speed of uptake.

    Test numbers marked 8-8.30: 6 marked and 2 downloaded and setup but unable to be marked, the baseline. Slight fuzziness from the targin, but the warmth and the buzz is there.

    Test numbers marked 8.35-9.05: Feeling a little buzzed and spacey whilst sitting here, just dropped 10mg methylphenidrate sublingual (blah i hate the taste). See how we go this time.

    Well i got 7 fully marked, but feeling much more focussed on the marking, without it i was averaging 5.5 per 30 minutes. I am just about to do another 10mg methylphenidate and go 30 minutes, see how we go. Feeling the euphoria and buzz that comes with mixing oxy/phenidate, but when i just look at one thing, everything is blocked out and i can focus, reading speed is out of control which is already stupidly high anyway.

    Test numbers from 9:08- 9:40 7 again, but far more focused, got a little bit jittery mid-way through which calmed down. Though i only got 7 marked, i have almost finished them all and forgot to transfer the marked files into a new folder so i open 5 to mark 1. Could probably have cracked the 10 mark every 30 minutes with consistency.

    Last night i got 7 in 30 minutes on average on 50mg methylphenidate and 20mg of oxy, so i wonder if it was the extra oxy making me slow, or if their is no difference between 20 and 50mg of the methylphenidrate in regards to my rates? I know the oxy isn't necessary, but i like the warmth and euphoria and it slows my jitters and well oxy is fun, and doesn't inhibit my intelligence at that dose so there are no consequences for my students.

    I definitely think that small doses over time for staying up, and being focused and being able to get work done rather than your whole dose at one time, simply looking at the numbers here. I will retake this test when i have some more things to do that i can test this again, and run the numbers.

    I'm about to start an assignment, then i will test afterwards using this again, might even see if taking a benzo helps.

    I think it's a matter of finding a balance between speed, focus and keeping your IQ normal, small doses of Oxy won't do this for me, but will allow it to be a little more fun.

    Thanks for listening.

    *edit added* 2 hours post 10mg oxy taking and starting to feel very floppy and euphoric, words are flowing easily. I am not feeling a difference between 20mg and 60mg methylphenidrate in a short term, i actually feel better now, perhaps not so worked up.

    *edit added 10:55*
    2.5 hours after last methylphenidrate dose and 3 hours post targin (slow release oxy) euphoria gone but productivity and focus is way up, even though i should be focusing on this assignment i'm answering threads and writing this lol.

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