4 indicted in Peachtree City cocaine smuggling plot

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    4 indicted in Peachtree City cocaine smuggling plot

    Three men suspected of smuggling 170 kilograms of cocaine into Peachtree City's airport have been indicted along with an accomplice from Roswell, officials said Friday.

    Donald Fontana, 68, Jorge Olivo,24, Adrian Perez, 23 and Rene Perez, 31, all of Texas, were charged with felony conspiracy to possess and sell the drugs flown from Texas to Falcon Field airport in Peachtree City.

    Olivo also was charged with gun possession by a felon while committing a felony.

    "We remain committed to working with our law enforcement partners to counter this type of activity," U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Kenneth A. Smith said.

    According to acting U.S. attorney Sally Q. Yates, Atlanta ICE agents got information that Fontana would be flying into Peachtree City on Aug. 29. Agents saw the Plano, Texas, man land his Cessna airplane and get out with Rene Perez and Adrian Perez, both of San Marcos, Texas.

    The three allegedly offloaded six bags from the airplane. Agents followed as Fontana was dropped off at an area hotel. Then Rene Perez and Adrian Perez were dropped off with the bags at a different hotel.

    About an hour later, Olivo drove up to the hotel where Adrian Perez and Rene Perez were staying, and the two loaded the six bags into Olivo's car, officials said.

    When Peachtree City police approached Olivo, of Roswell, to make a traffic stop, he fled at high speed. Police pursued Olivo and eventually arrested him after "a lengthy chase," court officials said.

    Officers found 173 kilograms of cocaine in his car, authorities said.

    Adrian Perez was arrested that same evening as he tried to flee his hotel, authorities said.

    In addition to the charges, the indictment made Oct. 7 also sought to forfeit Fontana's Cessna 421-C and the .38 caliber handgun police took from Olivo.

    By Marcus K. Garner
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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