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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    4 Israelis suspected of smuggling drugs through mail
    International Crimes Unit uncover drug ring using snail mail to smuggle heroin, cocaine from Japan to Israel, Europe. Suspects remanded

    Four Israelis were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of using snail mail to smuggle mass quantities of heroin and cocaine from Japan to Israel.

    The Ramla Magistrate's Court remanded all four to six days.

    The smuggling ring was uncovered after a lengthy International Crimes Unit investigation.

    The suspects are Meir Biton, Tamil Levy, Eliyahu Moshe Greenberg and Yaakov Chachashvili.

    Police suspect the four used criminal contacts in Japan to smuggle drugs to Israel and several other European countries. The four are also suspected of money laundering.

    The court was also made privy to secret evidence in the case, some suggesting the suspects used international airmail to perpetrate their offences.

    Attorneys Moshe Sherman, Shahar Hazeroni, Tamir Sanens and Eyal Ohayon, for the defendants, denied their clients' involvement, saying the police have no evidence to suggest the four were involved in anything but legitimate business activities.

    Eli Senyor
    Published: 10.06.09, 18:09
    Israel News



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