4-Methylmethcathinone (Mephedrone) Experience

By KomodoMK · Oct 14, 2008 · ·
  1. KomodoMK
    My friend has e-mailed be this trip report below, thought I'd post it here for others to read.


    Pictures for reference:

    Ref 1a: 445.jpg

    Ref 1b: 445.jpg

    Background and test dosing:
    Package arrived (see picture 1a), not going to be able to resist a test dosing tonight. The package came in 2 baggies wrapped in 6 sheets of A4 paper in an envelope, was still able to smell the compound through the envelopet.

    One beer consumed 3.5 hours before. The test dose was measured out by eyeball, this is a bad idea but I have no scales. A weeks worth of research has been done on this chemical and the looks match descriptions and photographs viewed. The smell is also VERY distinct and just as described. It was decided to eyeball the dose as I am happy with the many reviews of the source and because the dosage is far lower than that of most of the trip reports read over the last few days. I would like to point out that it IS A BAD IDEA to measure dosages of research chemicals by eyeball as it is a step into the unknown. I do not condone or recommend anyone does the same.

    T+0:00 - The line on the left in the above picture (see picture 1b) consumed intranasally, the smell is nasty, like stale urine and made me gag a little, some of the powder felt like it went straight to the back of the throat. Some isotonic sports drink consumed to clear throat. Little burn, nothing like the glass shards feeling of MDMA. The current mood before taking the chemical is kinda anxious/nervous due to the step into the unknown, but fairly comfortable and content.

    T+0:10 - Feel slightly different, went to the bathroom and got some minor head tingles as I walked in. So mild it could easily be a placebo or something different all together.

    T+0:30 - Feeling slightly above baseline but no serious affects, typing seems to be a little difficult which is odd. Spoke to parents and was definitely more talkative than usual. Decided to take the other line intranasally. I would make a guestimate of the total dose now being 50-100mg. No pupil dilation noticeable at this stage.

    T+0:40 - Starting to feel a slow come up that I predict is about to become more intense. Listening to some happyhardcore and the music appreciation has increased a little.

    T+0:45 - Feel really mentally happy, mild stimulation, loving the music. Felt the need to email the source and thank them for the amazing cross Europe delivery time (2 working days) and at the same time make an enquiry about what they will be stocking in the future.

    T+0:55 - Decided to go to my car to get some CDs, phoned my friend L who is going to be trying the full experience with me, spent around 10 minutes on the phone and we decided that I'd pick her up tomorrow and let her try a small test dose for the same reasons as me. She is fairly experienced with drugs and is just as curious as I am. She has been my best friend for the last 3 years and is one of few people I trust. I am very comfortable with trying new things with her and think that because we have similar intellectual interests as well as a fun side to our personality's there is no other person I'd rather share the experience with.

    T+1:30 - Can see why pretty much every other trip report said this substance is moreish, even low doses give you a craving. Guestimated another 100mg and attempted to snort, but the smell of stale urine and the fact it makes me gag stopped me from completing the line. Put the other half in a rizla and swallowed with isotonic sports drink.

    T+2:55 - Starting to come down slowly and very smoothly, been listening to music through headphones for last hour and a half, much better louder. Really feel like taking more but promised I wouldn't, have enough to control to stop myself. Read somewhere about alcohol making you peak slightly again and the end of the trip, so going to have a beer.

    T+3:45 - Pretty much back to baseline, actually feel a little tired, and going to bed to watch TV. Probably the easiest comedown I've ever experienced, if you could even call it that.

    Firstly the dose really is unknown but is likely to be a maximum of 200mg which is a fairly low dose spread over 2.5 hours, I base that on the research I have done over various forums.

    Come up was smooth and fairly enjoyable (although I prefer fast and hard come ups on MDMA). Music appreciation increased but not anywhere close to being on the scale of MDMA. The stimulation is not overpowering, felt really subtle and relaxing, do not think I will have trouble sleeping on this at the moment. The euphoria was fairly mild but I expect this to increase with dose, it was still enjoyable however. It does produce some jaw movement/gurning but nothing extreme. Also some anti-uretic effects were noticed, but once again these are mild. It's going to be interesting to see how all these factors scale up with dose. There was also an increase in heart rate although barely noticeable. Little to no pupil dilation. During the come down a little muscle twitching and very minor pain on chest, not uncomfortable though.

    Morning after:
    Feel asleep 2 hours after the experience and had a really sound sleep (~9 hours). Woke up feeling completely fine, if not a little happier than usual. Had the urge to do some straight away but that passed after 15 minutes. Can really see the potential for addiction if your personality is susceptible to that. Really had to fight the urge last night. RC's are not something you want to become addicted to, due to the toxicity and long term affects being unknown, but with the ease of availability of some of them at fairly cheap prices it is a very easy thing to succumb to I would imagine.

    Overall a very smooth and enjoyable experience, but I'm going to carry over a lesson learned from MDMA, this chemical requires respect.

    Main Experience

    * Gender/Weight: Male 75KG (~165lbs).
    * Dose taken: Lost track after some time. 1.8g between 2.
    * Route of administration: Insufflated/Oral.
    * Setting: Best friends house, comfortable.
    * Duration of main effects: 45mins to 1hour.
    * Main effects: Mild euphoria, talkative, happy and content.
    * Side effects: None.
    * After effects: Slightly elevated heart rate, breathing affected. Nothing serious.
    * Rating of the experience: 7/10
    * Addictive qualities / abuse potential: High due to being extremely moreish and the fact it has no come down.
    * Other drugs: No other drugs used recently.
    * Stomach contents: Small meal eaten 4 hours prior.
    * Other info: None.

    Went back to my best friends (we'll call her L) house, setting was warm, comfortable with music in the background.

    18:00 - L takes 50mg oral and 50mg intranasally, I took 100mg oral and 100mg intranasally. Required some water as the drip on this stuff is nasty.

    18:03 - I start to feel the effects, unexplainable mild feeling in the head, felt kinda floaty/off balance. Really surprised as it took over 20 mins when a test dose was taken the day before.

    18:05 - L is on the phone but stops the conversation and describes to me how she feels, it matches exactly what I felt. (I didn't tell her how I was feeling).

    19:00 - Both of us are more or less down, feels like we're almost back to baseline. Decide to dose 100mg intranasally and 100mg orally each.

    19:00 to 21:40 - Kinda got lost around this time, effects wearing off quick so dosing every hour or so. Attention span to a specific task affected. Trying to do things on laptop but kept switching between different tasks and going back and forth. Losing train of thought sometimes when we are talking.

    21:40 - Pretty much back to baseline, feel kinda normal. Went to shops to buy some supplies. Cashier made comment about her not being able to think straight, almost said you need to try the drug we're on and then your know what that's like.

    22:00 - Cracked open a can of beer, after 5 minutes it seemed to increase effects slightly but not significantly.

    22:10 - We both dosed again, forget how much this time, all taken intranasally. I found the effects have diminished and are not as pronounced.

    22:10 to 01:30 - Spent all this time talking about our friendship, our holiday in Spain, Science and Chemistry. Easy for conversations to go off in a tangent and come back on track at a later time. Very talkative, but we tend to be like that anyway.

    01:30 - I dosed again, probably around 200mg intranasally, L decided not to do any more as she has work the next day. We carry on talking.

    02:30 - We go to bed. Did not come back up at all off that last dose.

    05:30 - It was around this time I finally got to sleep. Whilst lying there for 3 hours trying to sleep some random crazy thoughts went through my head. Heart rate was up a little (feel it in chest) and breathing was affected but was nothing to worry about.

    07:30 - Woke up and took L to work, feel quite tired due to lack of sleep.

    Overall conclusion:
    I found the euphoria of this drug to be a fraction of what it is on MDMA. The duration of the drug, at least for us was really short. What really does work out nicely for this drug is it returns to baseline very smoothly with no crash whatsoever. Pretty much everything else is covered in the conclusion above for the test dose taken the day before.

    I would possibly use this drug again, but not for the foreseeable future whilst there are others to try.

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  1. sylenth
    if this is the same stuff smurfs have had here in sa then it's interesting to see it being experimented with now, it's huge here & the smurfs have abused a lot of this in the past.this stuff is enjoyable & addictive because it is so fun & you can work well on it too, it will cause muscle & bone aches such as spasms if abused. that's meaning a few grams over a few days 'binging.'

    good report komodo.
  2. scored
    Cheers for posting this interesting article it was the one that got my fox researching the possibilities, he is hoping about, wagging his tail, waiting for the postman.
  3. psychoshaman
    this stuff seems tobe everywhere at the moment...
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