By NicoMc · Oct 31, 2015 ·
  1. NicoMc
    1) I spoke to 1 of her clean friends last week as well. My friend is unaware of this since I asked for confidence. Just starting a dialogue between us. Didn't mention the drug use. But I'm thought I might need some help in the future. Just more of a "isn't she happy at the moment" (before I knew about specific things)

    Then I found out from my friend that its not as good a bond as it once was. I'm not sure whether to get the other friend on board now or not. Things have seemingly deteriorated since the drug use started. And because this girl is not happy about the engagement it's a bit frosty. I am currently considering telling her friend to be more happy about the engagement, as we are probably the few that she knows who aren't addicted. I want "US" to be positive and "them" to be seen as negative. Maybe that's not the best idea. But i'l happily listen if anyone has alternative suggestions

    2) I was thinking about my friend last night in bed (stop it you pervs! :D ) And I started to cry. I'm in my mid 30s for gawds sake and I'm lying there blubbing about it. It kinda felt like I'd lost my friend. Even though she's not gone yet. By chance she actually messaged me this morning first thing about something we'd said when we met and it cheered me up no end. I AM on her good friends list, despite me not partaking in the same social habits. That's got to count for something and maybe I can leverage that in the future.

    3) She did refer to the drug friends as "crackheads" in a derogatory way. (not the fiancée) I'm liking this way more than I probably should. But if she can start to see herself as not 1 of them and more like me/clean friends. Its something.

    As ever, thanks for reading. And any sugestions of advice greatfully received.

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