40,000 Ecstasy pills found during traffic stop

By buseman · Aug 4, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Approximately 40,000 Ecstasy pills valued at $800,000 were found in a vehicle during a traffic stop Tuesday in Lamar County, about 60 miles south of Atlanta, police said.

    Lamar County Sheriff's Office Police seized approximately 40,000 Ecstasy pills during a traffic stop in Lamar County on Tuesday.

    Wayne McDarman Hill, 42, was part of a scheme to take manufactured ecstasy pills from Canada to Miami, where they were to be exchanged for cocaine to be taken back to Canada, Lamar County Sheriff Larry Waller said.

    Hill, of Miami, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, Waller said.

    This is a large seizure, but it is part of a ‘pill pipeline’ from Florida through Kentucky, and into Canada, Waller said in a statement. Prescription medications have been intercepted as well.

    The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency was notified, Waller said.

    By Alexis Stevens
    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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