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  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Sgt. Rich Vanderboom (picture here next to this mound of marijuana) says a drug bust of this size will definitely be felt at the street level in Hamilton (suburb southwest of Toronto)

    Buying pot in Hamilton just got a lot more difficult, thanks to local police — officers have seized over 400 pounds of marijuana valued by officers at over $1 million.

    “A seizure that large would definitely affect how much people can access the product,” acting Sgt. Rich Vanderboom told CBC Hamilton. “You will definitely notice it at the street level.”

    “It’ll take a fairly substantial time for this to recover. It’s not like a dealer can just call someone up and say ‘resupply me.’”

    This seizure stymies a large drug trafficking operation in the city, Vanderboom says. To put the amount in perspective, 400 pounds is about how much an average gorilla or black bear weighs.

    The bust started months ago with a simple traffic infraction stop where drugs were found — and police followed the network structure up to this seizure.

    On May 26, police searched a storage unit in Mississauga and a home in Glanbrook. They found over 400 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana that was ready for distribution, a semi-automatic handgun with ammunition and drug processing equipment.

    Police also seized a 2014 Audio S4 Quattro and a 2014 Kia Forte.

    Vanderboom says it’s the largest processed marijuana seizure he’s ever seen in Ontario. “It’s a very significant seizure,” he said. And the $1 million price tag is even a bit of a conservative estimate — that’s the value of the drugs when sold at the per pound level. When sold at the street level, markups would drive the price even higher, he said.

    Two 23-year-old Hamilton men were arrested and have been charged with various drug and firearms-related offences. Police believe there are other people involved in the operation who are still out there.


  1. Alfa
    I wonder if that really puts a dent in anything. I doubt it.
  2. dr ACE
    it looks impressive i guess for the police, but 1 large outdoor grow could easily produce that amount or more.Why waste time fighting the use of a natural safe medicine the ignorance and brainwashing of men is just incredible
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    Hamilton has 721,053 people living in it. Its located in ON, the most populated area in Canada. To compare to Mid-West, the area is very populated. The area has mafia and gangs and bikers presence. I doubt two 23 year old dudes were the top of the chain suppliers in the area
  4. detoxin momma
    well i sure hope alfa's right,lol...

    hate to hear about a big pot bust....
    what a shame.
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