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44 arrested in million-dollar drug bust

By buseman · May 21, 2010 · Updated May 21, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    More than $1million worth of illicit drugs destined to be distributed throughout Queensland has been seized, police say.

    Several members of an outlaw motorcycle gang were arrested this morning when police discovered the drugs and about $470,00 worth of property including a Harley Davidson.

    A further $700,000 worth of assets were restrained, police said.

    The arrests conclude a nine-month long investigation, with 44 people across the state charged with more than 100 offences, including 18 for trafficking dangerous drugs.

    Operation Hotel Formation, established in July, initially focused on a network of drug traffickers operating out of Central Queensland and expanded to investigate alleged distribution of drugs to an outlaw motor cycle gang.

    Today four people on the Gold Coast were charged with 17 drug-related offences after detectives seized drugs worth more than $50,000 and more than $470,000 worth of property.

    Today’s arrests focused on an alleged cocaine trafficking syndicate operating out of the Gold Coast with distribution networks into Hervey Bay, police said.

    Detective Superintendent John Pointing, of the State Drug Investigation Unit, said it had been a significant operation.

    It has been a targeted operation focusing on the supply and distribution of dangerous drugs by organised syndicates into major metropolitan areas.

    We are extremely pleased with today’s results which include the seizure of significant quantities of cash, property and dangerous drugs including methylamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, and cannabis.

    Detective Inspector Garry Watts of the Organised Crime Group’s OMCG Taskforce Hydra said search warrants were executed on eight addresses across Hervey Bay this morning, including the Hervey Bay Rebels OMCG clubhouse.

    Detectives charged five people with trafficking dangerous drugs. Included in those arrested were two members of the Rebels OMCG. This part of the operation has been a protracted investigation for Hydra investigators and is another example of our efforts to disrupt and dismantle those who participate in organised criminal activities, he said.

    March 19, 2010



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