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5 Drugs People Often Take to Enhance Their Marijuana High

  1. Phungushead
    Marijuana is America's favorite illegal drug and works quite well by itself. But Americans are an experimental lot, and many people have tried pot in combination with other drugs, with good effects and bad.

    Here, taken from the archives of the drug use information and reporting website, Vaults of Erowid, are five drugs people have mixed with marijuana. Read and learn.

    1. Adderall

    This prescription amphetamine gets some mentions in combination with marijuana as a sort of harm reduction alternative to Ecstasy (MDMA) for concerned ravers.

    This user jacked himself up with 60 milligrams of Adderall and then hit the pipe: "About 45 minutes later I was babbling very fast to my friends and could definitely feel the effects. I don’t really remember the raw Adderall effects at that time. We started smoking. I got about a half of the first bowl and half of the second. I continued taking hit after hit after hit. I could no longer feel the smoke. I was feeling a sort of energy force coursing through my body, the kind that is felt on weed, but this time it was incredibly intense. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so I continued smoking. My mind began slipping away, I was becoming almost unaware of what I was doing. My friends left to go have sex."

    But the weed made things weird: " For a while I didn’t know who I was, where I was, I had no idea what was going on. All of a sudden, my memory began to come back, but in a very sloppy manner. Words swarmed through my head. I had no idea what words were, let alone what they meant. It took me a minute before I was able to actually associate words with their meanings. I then realized that my memory was there, I just had to sort through it and get my bearings."

    A second user also tried weed and Adderall as an Ecstasy substitute and liked what he found:" After the definite onset of the adderall, I ate a fairly strong brownie (sorry, I don't know the exact dosage), and began to drive a friend home a few towns over. After driving for about 15-20 min, I began to feel VERY strange. Now, right off the bat, I was surprised. Usually edibles take a good hour to 2 hours or more to hit me, but I was feeling this one quickly….By the time I reached my friend's exit a good 5-10 minutes later, I was feeling even weirder. My body temperature was fluctuating wildly, and my mind started wandering. I pulled over and let my friend continue the drive, as I didn't really feel okay to drive. I turned the car light on and looked in the mirror to find that my pupils were fully dilated. As we drove on, my hands wandered obsessively over the car's fabric upholstery and my mind rocketed into a foggy euphoria. I put on some hardstyle techno, and itched to be at a rave, dancing. Mentally and physically, the trip was feeling incredibly similar to rolling, with a slightly more psychedelic edge (I was experiencing slight perceptional disturbances such as blurring of figures, objects drifting in and out of focus, and colors appearing much more vivid).

    The user reported feeling normal three to four hours later, and didn't experience hangover or burnout the next day. "The similarities between this combination and MDA were odd, surprising, and pleasant," he wrote.

    2. Codeine

    Ah, bliss! That seems to be the consensus opinion on codeine and weed. One user titled his report "A Happy and Fluffy Afternoon" and noted that the effects "are like an all over body-fuzz with warmth and relaxation floating around me only to taper off in to calm and lack of worry briefly before returning with slightly more intensity which brings mild to moderate euphoria. I sit and enjoy, talking on the phone for a bit and using the laptop."

    A second user wrote that he was "extremely relaxed" under the joint influence, with "a body stone unlike any I've felt before."

    A third user waxed especially enthusiastic: "Codeine and weed have a synergy unlike any I have ever experienced on any other drugs (I have done alcohol, weed, coke, acid, shrooms, dxm, opium, ether and painkillers). When you combine the two you can't really feel the distinct effects of either drug, but more of a new feeling that is much more euphoric and calm."

    There were pretty consistent reports of fuzzy-headed hangovers, though.

    3. N-Bomb

    That's a slang name for 25I-NBOMe, an extremely powerful phenethylamine psychedelic that has just shown up in the last few years. It's had some wild effects on users, and adding pot doesn't seem to make it any tamer.

    The title of this user's report pretty much summed up his experience: "Lost Control Naked Violence Hospital Jail." He hasn't returned to his old neighborhood "because of bail restrictions."

    This guy had a better time: "I don't know how I'm going to describe what I experienced because it's different to any experience with psychoactives or anything at all in my life — literally out of this world. I was no longer a part of this universe, I was not a person, the table in front of me was like an entire world. My consciousness was a different reality, a reality that was being created and recreated every instant of existence."

    And this user used weed to blunt his N-Bomb trip: "At one point or another I decided I was feeling too energetic and decided to fire up my vape to try and take the edge off with some weed. It did just that. If you like weed and you want to try 25i, I would highly suggest you have some handy when you drop the 25i. It helped when I started to feel freaked out. Now I wish I could go into more detail but my memory gets very unreliable at this point. It was about 4am, and all I remember was that I was sitting on my chair, stark naked, and then I realized I was naked and I must find my clothes. For this reason I would recommend anyone considering 25i make sure they are with people they trust and who won't judge them based on your actions while on drugs."

    4. Salvia Divinorum

    Who would have thought this high-powered, fast-acting (and federally legal) Mexican psychedelic would need pot to enhance its effects? Plenty of people, apparently. Salvia is one of the most common combos mentioned on Erowid, which is even more notable given how relatively rare it is.

    "I Can't Believe I'm Back" reported one user, explaining that he had gone through an intensely mechanized experience that left him "in shock/awe of what happened next," which was that machine people—or beings or entities—were turning gears ("the teeth of which contain our reality/existence"). "I will never be able to look at a pair of cog wheels/gears the same again," were his parting words.

    In "Ground Control, We're Unprepared for Lift-Off," a user reported mixing a bowl of salvia and "some very aromatic, mint-green and super-sticky ghani-lights mj" and going on a hallucinatory death trip. "The bowl was a cherryin' and I proceeded to take the absolute largest lung-destroying power hits I could, one-after-the other, and held them 'till my face turned red….My last thought right after inhaling my third hit was, I really need to get my bong down on the table safely, because I realized I was headed straight for the floor....Salvia is the most powerful drug I have ever taken."

    Another user's experience was downright unpleasant. He had smoked salvia repeatedly without getting off, but when he took a couple of bong hits of pot, the salvia came on with a vengeance: "That was when a major heart artery, obviously under too much stress, snapped off. Internal bleeding began filling my chest and it was becoming hard to swallow, difficult to breathe. My limbs were heavy, and I realized that it was too late to call for help. My body began to convulse, fire was burning me from below. I let go and a feeling of peace came over me. A light materialized in front of me, the more I let go of my life, the brighter it became. The light was made up of individual squares, each had their own characteristics. They were far apart at first, but multiplied and drew closer together as I accepted 'death.'"

    Well, his heart artery didn't really "snap," and he didn't really die, but he was pretty bummed out about the whole experience. He complained that his "brain was literally covered in burning sparks" for an entire week.

    5. Alcohol

    When I was a young man, one of the most feared (and delectable) drug combinations was booze and weed, especially for the dreaded "whirlies," that head-spinning nauseous sensation that typically ended with the spewing of vomit, following by passing out (hopefully in that order). Alcohol is our most widely consumed drug and marijuana our second, so it's no surprise that people use them together. Some people say there's nothing finer than a joint and a glass of red wine, but it could just be a matter of degree. It looks like a lot of people are still getting the same nasty results.

    The titles of the reports pretty much say it all: "A Paralyzing Mixture for Someone Like Me," "As Sick As I've Ever Been," "A Dangerous Mix," "Beware of Satan's Piss."

    One reporter mixed bong hits and Bacardi 151, and after the third shot: "I’m dancing...err, trying to. Unlike ecstasy, where I have perfect coordination, and indefinite groove, my motor skills told me to fuck off, and jumped out of a window or something, cause they're nowhere in sight."

    And after the fourth shot: "It gets ugly, so ugly that I can’t recall it all. I do remember throwing up on my friend's couch....After the couch, on the floor, and after the floor, finally in the toilet bowl, where I stayed for several minutes after playing in the toilet water. It was fun no longer."

    Another reporter is a moderate to heavy drinker, but light pot smoker, and he's probably going to stay that way: "We had been around drinking for a while when someone sparked up a joint and I thought why not join in... Half a minute later we were getting ready to go and I put on my jacket. My vision shot off into the distance and I fell to the ground. I couldn't feel my body or understand where I was or what was happening....I moved to a couch and collapsed. I was in an uncomfortable position but my arms wouldn't move to correct it. My face felt cold and tight and I could barely form words. I was paralyzed! All this from a couple drags on a joint?"

    He had a lesson to share: "I suppose the moral is to understand how you react in a safe setting before mixing things in the wild. I can only imagine the results if a similar incident had happened at a bar, or anywhere in public for that matter. It also reaffirms my own personal suspicion...mj and beer don't mix good at all."

    13 January 2015

    Phillip Smith


  1. MikePatton
    Well, that was a pretty pointless article... There is no comparison between those people's experiences with said drugs with vs. without weed, so we can't even know how weed affected those experiences. Also, the most popular one is missing - Tobacco.
  2. BrendanTen
    Very nice read I am surprised Dxm is not mentJones in this article.

    From my expiexperiencexperience when I have mixed Adderall with marijuana it seems to negate the effects of the marijuana and to get truly high I have to smoke a ton to have a truly balanced speedy - marijuana high. Closely related MDMA feels perfect with marijuana.
    Most people will disagree with me when I say this but I hate to mix opiates with marijuana especially codeine. I feel when I do this it makes the painkiller not have the same feeling that I love from them which I describe is the feeling you get shortly after a very hardworking workout session and I feel marijuana mixed with opiates leads to a mushy feeling that I not much care for. However I do enjoy a small bowl or dab with a ton of oxycodone, like 40-60mg As I rarely take opiates and don't have much of a tolerance.
    I have never had marijuana with NBOME but I bet for me I would enjoy it because it would probably ease the uncomfortable sweat tingles I get from NBOME probably due to vasconstriction.
    I cannot speak fron Salvia as I have never tried it and until I'm completely comfertable with dmt and the way it makes me feel as if nothing is real...
    Alcohol and marijuana is usually catch-21 with me as sometimes it is enjoyable but other times it makes me feel very peculiar like different energys are coming through me , it also exploits my manipulative tendenies and gives me very scheming thoughts and not give a care and where I am almost willing just to flip on my friends just for the fun of it...

    Other notable mentions I feel are good with weed are shrooms, DXM!!, MDMA, nitrous, nicotine
  3. BrendanTen
    Sorry for the grammatical errors as it was typed on my phone
  4. Alien Sex Fiend
    why would anyone mix weed with salvia? Weed is mixed with any main drug of choice of a person in question, when that person has extra money. Weed is a side dish drug, not the other way around. For people "who don't rake drugs"the combo is usually alcohol and pot
  5. Joe-(5-HTP)
    Salvia and Nbome...? What the hell is this article lol.
  6. Alien Sex Fiend
    Taking 25I-NBOMe to "enhance your weed high" will for sure ruin your weed high, and the combination will make you so paranoid you will check yourself in a hospital for a benzo to calm down
  7. MikePatton
    ^ It makes about as much sense as smoking DMT to enhance your Nicotine buzz lol.
  8. Potter
    Mike, have you ever smoked nicotine? It's pretty fucking lame without DMT.

    Ridiculous article, guy must be an utter riot to have in a smoking circle.
  9. Typical East St. Louis
    My experiences mixing these five drugs with weed:

    Adderall - although it's dose dependent, Adderall has always overpowered the effects of pot in my experience. A waste of plant, IMO.

    Codeine - nice combo, but tends to accentuate sleepiness and I often pass out in bliss only to wake up with a killer hangover. Not recommended.

    25i-NBOME - totally unnecessary as the effects of 25i are out of this world compared to pot. I smoked some on the comedown from 25i but that didn't really do too much to amplify the visuals.

    Salvia - I'm not really sure how this is possible? I've always been incapacitated during the immediate effects of salvia and thus would not be in a position to smoke, let alone stand up. Maybe on the comedown, but even then, salvia is so overwhelming that afterwards all I want to do is chill out and go to sleep.

    Alcohol - ah yes, the classic "I wish I didn't do that" combo. In my experience, 90% of the time this occurs in the form of drinking alcohol first and smoking after (seems like a great idea right?). Rarely ends well - most of the time you get the spins followed by passing out in bed and waking up with regret and a serious hangover. Smoking before drinking is almost always a good experience because I tend to become more aware of my drinking limits. But, then again, the majority of the time I have no urge to drink after smoking anyway.
  10. MikePatton
    I never experienced any adverse effects from the weed ane alcohol, regardless of order of consumption. As a teenager I did witness the first hash experiments of a few drunk people, and it ended with very intense vomitting and panic in a few cases.
  11. best
    I used to really enjoy cigarettes when I would smoke weed back in the day
    if I didnt smoke cigs then I hardly had a buzz
  12. throughthewoods42
    A 50/50 mixture of salvia and weed appears to be very nice. You get the subtlety of the salvia brought to a peak with the weed. Highly recommended. Experimenting with differing varieties of weed and different concentrations of salvia would be interesting.
  13. Nickelass
    Gabapentin+weed is one of the most enjoyable yet underrated combonations that I've experienced.

    They both synergize each other 2-fold. Even just a little gabapentin makes a big difference IMO.

    I highly recommend this combo to anyone.

    P.S.- Lol @ this article :D
  14. Openmymind
    Kratom + weed = Very relaxing, Very rush -like sensation , lots of energy, more motivation than a usual weed high but more of a high than a normal kratom buzz. Perfect

    Mushrooms + weed = Can be the most blissfully euphoric experience you'll ever have.

    Kava + weed = Relaxing , blissful and euphoric.
  15. Mir6
    It's just click bait pseudo-journalism. No different from say "The 5 jobs Abraham Lincoln did before he became president" or "The 5 things you didn't know about the new Star Wars movie", etc.

    It seems like all news websites do that kind of thing these days
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