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  1. alienesseINspace
    I donated to the forum today. I did not have a lot to donate because I just started generating income but I have been meaning to for a while. I started coming to the forum about a year ago. I found that when I did online searches for information, often, this forum would come up on the results page. I found that I could come to one place for science, news, and opinions.

    Over time, reading the forums have helped me to understand a lot of information. I truly have used the forum information to better my life.


  1. Docta
    You have spent your $5 wisely.
    Keep on blogging away, not enough of it goes on.
  2. alienesseINspace
    "You have spent your $5 wisely.
    Keep on blogging away, not enough of it goes on."

    I'm considering how to organize my writing. I have a lot to say :)

    My donations will improve in amount and frequency. Generally, I am pretty sheisty when it comes to spending money. The resources here are definitely worth the investment.
  3. ianzombie
    I would like to donate again as soon as i can, its a great investment and you are guaranteed a great return for the money.
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