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5 students hospitalized from heroin-laced brownies

By chillinwill, Jan 27, 2010 | | |
  1. chillinwill
    High school students looking for a high from pot-laced brownies got something much different and potentially much more dangerous. School officials think the brownies may have been laced with heroin.

    It is no secret that people have been baking brownies with marijuana as an ingredient, but these brownies appear to be laced with a much more powerful drug.

    In three days, five students at James Logan High in Union City fell sick in class and were hospitalized after eating brownies in school.

    An anonymous student told ABC7 a student who ate the brownies "just started twitching, like moving constantly. His eyes were just like blinking and his eyeballs were rolling in the back of his head."

    School officials and police say test results on the brownies have not come back, but students say the brownies were sold in school and faculty members tell them they were laced with heroin.

    Some of the students ABC7 spoke with say their friends bought the brownies believing they were only laced with pot.

    Another anonymous student described the brownie as being three inches or so in length. He said, "The normal size is about like that, a regular size brownie, costing you from $7 to $10."

    "I'm upset that someone is out there endangering our children. Bad enough with marijuana, but obviously with heroin it's one step up if that indeed were the case," said New Haven Unified School District spokesperson Rick La Plante.

    Now some students say the sight of their friends being hauled off on stretchers, unconscious, has them questioning the safety of those recreational brownies.

    A student described how one student he knew "got sent to the hospital. The ambulance came to pick him up and he's been in the hospital for like a week."

    Again, there is no official confirmation that these brownies were laced with heroin. Meanwhile, school officials say a Cesar Chavez Middle School student also fell under the influence of tainted brownies and there was an alternative school student was caught with drug-laced brownies last week, but so far they have been unable to connect any of these incidents.

    Alan Wang
    January 25, 2010
    ABC Local


  1. Nnizzle
    Yeah... it makes a lot of sense that they would sell heroin (which is broken down under excessive heat for example an OVEN) laced brownies to children. For $7 dollars. Because weed is so expensive and there isn't already a huge market for heroin?
  2. BloodyMuffin
    ok... so lets go over this.

    day 1, a student buys a brownie and eats it. he/she becomes terribly ill and he/she gets sent to the hospital. im sure the message gets around that he had a bad reaction.

    day 2, more students buy brownies and eat them. they become violently ill. they get sent to the hospital. once again i'm sure word gets around.

    day 3, yet again students buy more brownies and have yet more bad reactions.

    WTF? it took three times before people stopped buying them? multiple people were hospitalized after eating them and yet these students still thought it would be a good idea? that's just absurd. how unintelligent can you get? i doubt most of these kids even eat the cafeteria food, but they're completely willing to eat brownies that recently caused their classmates to be taken off in stretcher... i weep for the world when i hear about stupid people like this. i'm mean sure they were probably being sold as weed laced, but nevertheless one should pick up on the not so subtle cues that these may not be what they're advertised as.

    It doesnt even matter what was in them! you dont eat something thats proven to be dangerous when ingested!
  3. coolhandluke
    the government is exploiting children to try and get society on their side. they don't talk about how they still allow elderly people who can't see and can hardly wipe their own ass behind the wheel of a car to in danger people of all ages (even babies!).

    bottom line anyone can scare society by spinning details and leaving out information, then telling it to the mass media all about it. When swim got busted the papers had the whole story all fucked up, same thing with other friends who have been popped for something news worthy. swim bets these kids ate some brownies with cough syrup in them or something, nobody who has ever had heroin in their possession would waste it in such a manor.
  4. LadyGrinningSoul
    Swim didn't think people could get intoxicated by heroin by eating. Maybe Swim is naive.
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    Rumors swirl around brownie incident

    UNION CITY — Investigators are conducting follow-up interviews after rumors began circulating widely that the handful of Logan High School students who fell ill on campus last week had eaten brownies laced with heroin.

    "Some students got ill. Some of them got transported (by ambulance). Some rumors began about marijuana-laced brownies. Then rumors began that there was heroin in the brownies "... but we haven't been able to verify any of that," police Lt. Ben Horner said Tuesday.

    "I know it sounds like, 'Oh my God, there's heroin all around campus,' but that's not the case," he added.

    Last week, between Wednesday and Friday, five Logan students became ill after ingesting brownies that appear to have been laced with some sort of substance, although authorities have not confirmed if any of the ingredients caused the sicknesses.
    Furthermore, police said in a statement that "although it is early in the investigation, at this point, there is no verifiable evidence to substantiate ... that anyone intentionally sold or provided controlled substances on campus."

    Police were not able to obtain a sample of the brownies in question.

    Two of the five Logan students went into convulsions and were taken away by ambulances while a third student passed out and was treated on campus, but all the students are fine now, New Haven school district spokesman Rick La Plante said. The students — a freshman girl, two sophomore boys, and a junior and senior boy — may face disciplinary action, he said.

    In addition to the Logan incidents, a student at Conley-Caraballo High School in south Hayward, New Haven's alternative school, was cited for possession of pot brownies, apparently for sale, earlier this month. Authorities are investigating if there is any connection to the Logan cases.

    School officials also clarified Tuesday that a Cesar Chavez Middle School student who fell ill after eating a baked good last week does not appear to have been connected to the Logan incidents. Officials said a parent may have provided the treat, and a report has been filed with Child Protective Services.

    By Linh Tat
    Oakland Tribune
    Posted: 01/26/2010 03:46:14 PM PST

  6. moda00
    This is why I don't read the news anymore.

    I assume that people had bad reactions and assumed, well, it had to be heroin cause heroin is the WORST most EVIL drug so obviously it has to be heroin.

    Rumors, fine, but WHY NOT just report that students were ill after eating brownies, and that nothing more was known as to why yet? Or if you have to make it about drugs, say they were marketed as weed-laced but that no lab reports were available to confirm contents and that effects did or did not match with marijuana (sounds like not, from what I understand, even a massive dose of THC would simply put one to sleep, no?)

    And fine, you can't test the brownies, but you sure can test the students who were taken to the hospital- if you actually thought it was an opiate I think you would want to confirm that and use some narcan, but it doesn't sound like a heroin OD at all, and as someone said, who on earth would decide to lace an edible/orally ingested baked good with heroin? And at that price too? Plenty of others who would gladly buy it up in a usable form. Without risking the additional felony charge of selling an additional and highly feared controlled schedule I- and at a school. So ridiculous.

    I will be interested to see what the labs are, but imagine/wonder if they could even be reported publicly, as it would be the students' blood tested I assume and not the material itself (HIPPA etc.)

    And I don't want to start more rumors, but just a thought- if it wasn't weed and it was sold as weed, my first guess might guess that it was a synth cannabinoid used instead, intentionally or unintentionally, though I do not know by any means if this could, or would, be done, or how it would respond to heat of baking over time (rather than burning or vaporizing immediately), or whether it could or does cause these effects in high doses- again, I do not know at all, just seems more plausible than heroin if it was indeed laced w/ something at that something was not marijuana.

    I understand that even with THC, it is easy to take more than wanted/intended by eating it rather than smoking if dose is not carefully calculated, since one cannot gauge the effects until they hit (unless one eats a smaller part of the brownie at a time and waits I suppose, which actually a more cautious user might choose to do if they didn't make it themselves, but only too avoid being too stoned, not out of a fear of dying by OD or something ridiculous..) but still, goes to show you really cannot trust what you purchase from random people, due to the criminal status of such things and the need for a black market- which certainly increases risk- it just seems if one were going to speculate on weed brownies making people ill, that it may have been an herbal alternative with a chem in it that may actually have harmful effects if too high of a dose is eaten, unlike THC- but again, all speculation, just seems more likely speculation that heroin, ya know? And I wonder if it was just a lot of THC and students had panic attacks, and effects were exaggerated?? Just trying to figure this out- what a bizarre article and corresponding speculation. Geez.
  7. bubbly nubs
    This reminds me of the scaremongering my school used to force upon us. They used to say dealers were putting heroin in their weed to get people hooked on the H...didnt realise it worked like that..:laugh:
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