5 year old dies after reciving 3X dose of sedatives for dental work

By Riconoen {UGC} · Sep 28, 2006 · ·
  1. Riconoen {UGC}
    Text can be found here.

    Wow, that's incompetance at its worst, if I were her parents I'd sue them for malpractice for all they've got. that dentist should have has liscense revoked and serve a long time in prison.

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  1. Micklemouse
    A cruel irony there wouldn't you say?
  2. KorSare
    What are we thinking here.... allergic reaction to the IV substance? asphyxiation from too long of an exposure to the nitrous?
  3. radiometer
    I've seen a surge of ads for dental practices lately where they're basically saying "we'll make sure you're good and fucked up first if you come in to us for dentistry." Some of them seem a bit excessive to me (advertising nitrous and "knock-out" pills, not sure if I've noticed any ads for IV shots though) and I've been wondering if there might eventually be a negative consequence or two from this business model.

    WTF is the thinking with giving a 5 year old 3 different anaesthetics, in three different routes, for what sounds like routine dental work?
  4. Paracelsus
    many people today die from incompetent treatment. many die from nsaids like aspirin, and doctors dont usually think of allergies before giving the pacient something. but giving a 5year-old 3 anaestethics is a major irresponsability.

  5. D.U.M.B
    This is a very sad story. It's not something you could easily imagine. A five year old goes for a routine dental appointment to get some work done and then ends up dying. It's the last thing you could ever expect to happen. I'd like to know why this mistake has happened
  6. Each Hit
    somebody should definitely be held liable. if that was my child, i'd be in an outrage. heads should roll for this blatant malpractice.
  7. Micklemouse
    There used to be a bit of graffito in the town where I live, not for from the University, which happens to house a Dental school, which stated in foot high letters that
    . If it still was there I think "murdering" could now be added.
  8. Shiacmkmleer
    Devil's advocate

    I hate to say this but perhaps it was not the dentists fault. I mean think about how the new would spin something like this. they can either say "Child possibly unresponsive to sedatives given more and dies" Or "Rough dentists kills child in routian check up. Im not saying that this guy is innocent or morally correct... but perhaps we shouldnt just assume hes an evil guy

    (sorry for poor spelling and grammer SWIS is slightly impaired)
  9. Riconoen {UGC}
    I'mnot saying he was an evil guy, I'm saying that any dentiust worth two shits would have known that a triple dose of sedatives would have killed a small child like this poor soul.
  10. Paracelsus
    i agree, the dentist isnt evil, he didnt murder the kid, but he's still VERY incompetent (i wonder how much he payed to get through medical school). Where I live, a dentist like this one would be suspended for lifetime.

  11. jesusfreak666er
    wtf is wrong with america that they are giving a five year old IV drugs for cavities.... swim remembers the days when vicodin and novocaine were sufficent...really sad, its a shame, they should sue the shit out of that dentist.
  12. old hippie 56
    Found this:

    CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- State regulators have suspended the license of a dentist whose 5-year-old patient fell into a coma in his office and later died.

    Dr. Hicham Riba's practices posed an "imminent danger to the public," the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation said Friday. It said Riba failed to properly monitor Diamond Brownridge's blood pressure, pulse and respiration during her treatment Sept. 23 at his storefront clinic.

    The complaint said Riba recorded that Diamond was "alert and responsive" on discharge, although her mother claims to have found her comatose in the dental chair.

    Diamond died Wednesday at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She had been on life support for four days after her visit to Little Angel Dental to have some teeth filled and others capped.

    Riba's attorneys confirmed the suspension late Friday pending an Oct. 13 hearing.

    "Diamond's loss is tragic," Riba said in a statement. "As we have stated before, we have fully cooperated with the investigation and will continue to do so."

    Riba, 40, faces up to $10,000 in fines for each of four violations, which include making false or fraudulent representations, professional incompetence and gross malpractice.

    State regulators said Diamond received two injections of diazepam or Valium within five minutes, followed by oral Valium, lidocaine, several other medications, and nitrous oxide. The regulators did not say whether the combination or the dosages were appropriate for the 35-pound girl.

    source: The Associated Press
  13. Riconoen {UGC}
    Jesus h. Christ three iv's of valium, plus oral and gas for a routinue tooth extraction from a 35 pound child? that man should be facing the firing squad.
  14. London_Bloke
    Something Radiometer said really strikes a chord here: dentistry has become such a detested profession that they are now willing to do just about anything to guarantee their patients a "pain-free" experience.

    WTF was this guy thinking? No BP monitor, no pulse-ox monitor? This guy was an accident waiting to happen, and clearly by the name on the practice he was positioning himself squarely in pediatric dentistry. Parent not allowed in the room, no other witnesses? I want to know the REAL reason he was sedating his patients to that deep a level. My gut instincts are screaming that this guy is considering himself lucky to only be charged with negligence.

    This whole thing just sickens me on about 8 different levels....
  15. Nagognog2
    A friend of mine went to medical school (graduated). He told me where all the drop-outs went - Dental School. Yep. Can't cut out that thar appandics! But suure kan yank dat chopper!

    My old dentist refused to use nitrous oxide. His former partner gave it to a patient. The guy sprang out of the chair - and jumped out the window! All ol' doc. Tarule used was novacaine. I used self-hypnosis. It works.
  16. old hippie 56
    Swim went to a dentist to check on a bad tooth, gave him some antibotics and pain meds. Went back in two days to get the tooth pulled. SOB charged him 120 bucks to pull one tooth.
    Self-hypnosis works, plus a little Jim Beam on the last tooth ache. Pulled my own tooth.
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