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5 Year Old Hands Out Heroin In Day Care

  1. Bajeda
    Earlier this week, a YWCA Daycare Center on Grant Street in Buffalo was closed because six children at a local daycare center were given heroin by another student who thought it was candy.

    Early Tuesday morning, teachers learned that a youngster brought small packets to school which he passed out to classmates telling them it was candy.

    Teachers quickly learned the child was actually doling out heroin and called police immediately. Six children, from two to five years old, were taken to Women and Children's Hospital for evaluation.

    Kari Lyn Lee and Wayne Clamp are the parents of the child who distributed the heroin. Both denied having heroin in the house and Lee claims to have tested negative for drugs. She reports having taken a drug test prior to this incident because a family member accused her of doing drugs.

    Wayne Clamp, the boy's father, claims to have repeatedly asked his son where the heroin came from. Clamp says the boy found it in front of the day care center. Though Lee who walked her son to day care that morning doesn't remember him picking anything up.

    The couple hasn't been arrested or charged, though their five year old son and and his three siblings are in the custody of the childrens' grandmother.

    The parents continue to maintain their innocence, police continue investigating and the day care center remains closed.



  1. enquirewithin
  2. Woodman
    Lucky little bastards!

    I never even saw so much as a joint (or even a fucking roach, for that matter) until I was 13.
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