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50 litres of meth oil found in $12m ice bust.

By jon-q, Aug 5, 2011 | |
  1. jon-q
    A man charged after police seized more than $12 million worth of drugs is the father of alleged Ibrahim family rival John Macris.

    Stelios Macris, 73, was arrested after officers from the Middle Eastern organised crime squad stopped his car on the F3 freeway on the New South Wales central coast yesterday.

    A search of the car allegedly uncovered 25 litres of meth oil, a liquid form of the drug ice.

    Police say they found another 25 litres of the liquid, plus two guns and ammunition, at a safehouse at nearby Phegans Bay.

    His son, John Macris, is the man allegegly targetted in a murder plot by brothers Michael and Fadi Ibrahim.

    The police squad's commander, Deb Wallace, says 50 litres of meth oil could be converted in 50 kilograms of ice.

    "We would allege that when you take 50 kilograms of ice, technically, off the street it has a huge dent in any criminal organisation. And we would suggets that no-one operates alone in these matters," she said.

    "There's an estimated wholesale value of 13 million dollars as a result of this seizure. Now that would have a huge impact on any criminal network that might be operating in this line of work."

    Stelios Macris, from Mosman on Sydney's north shore, has been charged with large-scale drug supply and gun possession.

    Police say the bust has intensified their scrutiny of the Macris family and their associates.

    They say more arrests are likely.

    Stelios Macris faced Gosford Local Court on Wednesday charged with two counts of drug possession and two counts of possessing an unregistered firearm.

    Bail was not applied for and the matter was adjourned until Thursday, the court confirmed.

    ABC News 3rd August 2011


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