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503 lbs of psychedelic mushrooms seized in bust

  1. Phungushead
    View attachment 34607 MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio —Sheriff's deputies arrested a Clermont County man accused of growing psychedelic mushrooms.

    Authorities have been investigating the distribution of significant amounts of the hallucinogenic drug throughout southwest Ohio, and deputies searched a home Friday in the 1300 block of Nicholas Drive in Miami Township.

    Agents said they found a laboratory where the mushrooms, which contain the psychoactive chemical psilocybin, were grown and processed.

    Deputies seized 503 pounds of materials containing psilocybin, a Schedule 1 controlled substance, valued at $805,000.

    Aaron Gasper, 26, was charged with illegal manufacture of drugs and remains at the Clermont County Jail.

    Additional charges and arrests are expected in the case, which deputies said was the largest such seizure in county history

    Additional photos:

    Aug 26, 2013

    WLWT Cincinnati


  1. laugher
    What?! 503lbs.of shrooms worth $805,000.00! wow is that true? Seems like, as easy as they are to grow, more would be doing this.Or is this just another case of overstating the value of drugs?
  2. ianzombie
    In most cases they take the minimum amount sold at the maximum price, so 1 gram for x dollars and they ignore reduced prices for bulk sales.
    I dont see many mushrooms there, i wonder if they are now charging for the amount a person could possibly grow given the substrate?
    They probably take the crazy estimates made on grow kits, you know 'this will produce 50 lbs of fresh mushrooms in a week' :)
  3. SpatialReason
    Still though. That is a lot of fungus cake. I have held in my lil' paws 2lbs, and that was impressive in its own regard. Yet a bed ridden American southern woman worth of shrooms is a lot... of trips... a lot...
  4. Phungushead
    That's definitely a decent sized grow, and a pretty nice setup at that. If the video on a different news source can be believed, this guy is apparently some kind of trained chemist who definitely knew what he was doing.

    Regardless though, I'll bet my left nut that those 503 pounds also includes the substrate - inoculated in jars, or colonizing and fruiting in the trays, vermiculite and any material used for casing the substrate, on top of any wet or dried mushrooms. Possibly the weight of the jars or trays themselves as well. Even the article itself states 'materials containing psilocybin' (and mushroom mycelium does contain alkaloids), although the headline just mentions mushrooms. The cops and the media both can be pretty sheisty in the way that they report this kind of stuff.

    I guess what I'm getting at is there's no way he had 503 pounds of dried mushrooms, you could easily fill a room with that amount.

    A tub like the ones shown in the photo can weigh a good 10 pounds or so, and if you look closely it looks like most of them are still in the incubating process (the ones covered in aluminum foil), or fruiting had just been initiated. That's a lot of substrate, but there's still no way that the amount shown is going to produce hundreds of dried pounds, unless he had been growing for a long time and just kept hoarding the mushrooms afterwards. From what the article says, it sounds like he was moving them fairly quickly after processing/drying them.

    Unfortunately, he's most likely going to be prosecuted for the substrate as well. Law enforcement often massively exaggerates weights, as well as monetary value by valuing the substrate as equivalent to a dried/prepared product. But... What makes for better news? A measly 5 pound or so bust, or a quarter ton, nearly million dollar haul?
  5. SpatialReason
    And. This. Is why. We don't go... above... personal... use levels... in anything... it's just too dangerous and the consequences are too great!

    Right Phungy?! It seems that people get stupid when they see the black market potential in anything.

    The right lawyer can fix a small amount, but there ain't a lawyer alive fixing what this guy is up against. A quarter of his life is gone. Poor bastard.
  6. Jabba420
    I bet this poor guy gets 10 + years in prison and for WHAT? growing a relatively harmless fungus. Meanwhile a rapist gets out of prison after between 4 and 7 years. Drug laws make me sick...
  7. headfull0fstars
    Oh my god! This is where I live! How did I not hear about this?

    I agree that he probably didn't have 500lbs of dried mushrooms and they didn't even say that in the article- they said "503lbs of materials" they could have weighed the metal shelves they were held on. Police have tricks like that for making busts seem bigger.
  8. laugher
    Yes the cops sometimes ,when they pull up pot plants,weigh the roots and even the dirt clinging to them!
  9. WraithRanma
    Me too this is only like 20 minutes away, and I didnt hear anything about it on the news or radio, that is a literal fuck ton worth of boon.... Such a shame that a signifigant portion of his life is now going to be wasted over a natural fungus, when violent deranged criminals will see the light of day before he does... Ohio may be lax on weed, but it is not for anything else
  10. Psygeist
    Poor guy, such busts literally break my heart.. :(
  11. Samadhi
    Nice grow...

    Looks like he did a sealed room ala greenhouse teks. He must have been impeccably clean to keep that big of a space running with no contams. With that size of a room, he could easily do 10+ pounds dry in a run, depending on isolate... but he was probably doing a cycle of a few pounds every week or two unless he was not too bright and loved drying 100+lbs of wet mushrooms at once.

    Hope this talented gent gets an easy sentencing, but in Ohio, I'd sincerely doubt that it will happen
  12. method03
    BULLCHIT 503 LBS!!! even if all the trays and substrate and WET shrooms were included in the wieght there is no fucking way that equals 503 lbs. Thats a pretty good size op but BULLCHIT BULLCHIT BULLCHIT. There's either more images not shown or LE included the damn shelves in the wieght. That bucket looks like MAYBE 2-3 lbs dry, ~20 lbs wet. And 805,000$ GTFO. Poor guy. Taking it as far up the ass as LE can stick it. This is by far the most exagerated bust I've EVER seen in my life.
  13. Reincarnator
    I have a strong feeling that weight is including the substrate... the entire cake would be considered illegal, not just the harvest.
  14. SpatialReason
    This has been practice for a long while. Blotter paper for liquid scheduled psychedelics almost always seems to be lumped into the charge. And the amount you would have, by that standard, is astronomical; thereby, you are going to jail for a long time.

    I am sure this guy's lawyer can pull off fixing the lumped weight issue. Yet it doesn't change the operational problem in the case: obvious intent for manufacturing and distribution. It is going to be seeing a minimum of 5 years on good behavior and lots of lawyer work. Likely, he will see 10-15 on his sentence. :\
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