56-year-old Aboriginal Elder Caught Smuggling Kava by NT Police

By enquirewithin · Apr 12, 2010 · Updated Apr 13, 2010 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    A well respected 56-year-old aboriginal elder was caught smuggling 16 kilograms of kava onto a remote island community by the Northern Territory police. A Toyota Landcruiser was halted by the police from Ramingining in Arnhem Land at Barge Landing Road on Good Friday. According to the police spokeswomen, in addition to the 16kgs of kava, small amount of cannabis was also found by the police.
    She said, “The kava had a street value of $16,000 and was headed for Milingimbi Island before it was intercepted by police”. Superintendent Helen Braam shared that people fail to get the message about drugs in the community. She added that the police will continue to interrupt and target drug dealers in the community, irrespective of their reputation in the community.

    Supt Braam revealed that this is not the first instance that the respected Arnhem Land community members had been involved in drug. The members of the Katherine and Northern Regional Command are leaving no stone unturned to put in place common respect etiquettes that will guide the way police and community work together to tackle crime issues, which include the running of cannabis, grog as well as kava.


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  1. enquirewithin
    When will the Australian government stop persecuting the Aborigines?
  2. enquirewithin
    Police have arrested five men for allegedly trying to smuggle Kava into a remote Aboriginal community.

    Superintendent Dean Maloney says police made the bust at the weekend when they stopped a car on the Stuart Highway near Edith Falls Road.

    He says police found large plastic bags in suitcases in the back of the car.
    "Subsequently a search of the vehicle located 71 kilograms of kava with an estimated street value of somewhere between $50,000 and $70,000 located in the rear of that vehicle."

    Five arrested over $70k kava bust
    By Iskhandar Razak | Posted April 19, 2010

  3. 0utrider
    how is a kilo worth 1000 AUS Dollars?? NO WAY
    more like 100 at the best
  4. enquirewithin
    Typical low quality journalism! All that has been achieved by banning kava is to make more people into criminals.
  5. Quorthon
    Kava? A drug? You can buy it at the corner shop in New Zealand, and it is about as effective as any other drug you can buy at a corner shop...
  6. enquirewithin
    My horse doesn't like it much, although good kava root is very effective in its limited way, but too nauseating for many people!

    Australia seems to be less liberal in its attitude towards 'drugs' than NZ.
  7. godztear
    I don't understand. With their estimated street value of a whopping 1 dollar per gram who the hell is making any profit off it? I'm curious as to how much time you can even get for such a drug that is sold for next to nothing.
  8. Terrapinzflyer
    If I am not mistaken Kava was banned in Australia (and elsewhere) based on evidence of liver toxicity. Admittedly- this seems to be linked more to stem/leaf then the root. The problem seems to lie in many vendors (at least enough in tests) essentially cutting the root powder with stem and leaf material.
  9. enquirewithin
    I believe it was becuse of a perception that it was being abused by the indigenous population. It is legal to import and own small amounts.
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