$6 Million Cocaine Bust

By str8ballin · Aug 3, 2004 · ·
  1. str8ballin
    Three hundred kilos of cocaine are now sitting in the evidence locker of the El Paso Sheriff's Department. It happened just before 9:00 Monday night on the 1700 block of Firehouse. The El Paso Sheriff's Metro Narcotics Squad entered the home with K-9 units to find 300 kilos of cocaine in the garage of the home.

    The El Paso Sheriff's Department believes the drugs may have been going to the East Coast and they say the drug bust is a victory for the residents in this neighborhood. Rick Glancey of the El Paso Sheriff's Department says, "Its got a street value here in El Paso of about $6 million, which means it will not make its final destination for places like Detroit or New York or Chicago where the value there is about $20 million. So this is a huge dent in the narcotics trade..." Two people are now in El Paso Sheriff's custody... A male and a female in their forties. And the El Paso Sheriff's Department says making drug busts like this are only possible with the help of the community.

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  1. str8ballin
    This bust probably just fucked up my business for a little while atleast.300 kilos my lord!
  2. Insane Asian
    why was that one of your main suppliers that sucks cause my friend might start slanging coke i dont know if this will affect him though cause hes only gonna do it small time
  3. str8ballin
    Well,these people weren't my suppliers but the shipment was headed to my area and now it wont make it here so that means the price of everything will go up and it will be alot more scarce.
  4. Insane Asian
    ouch that sucks big time specially in your "situation" <img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley2.gif"> wish i slanged yayo.

    PS: i finally tried it for a second time bomb ass shit too only got 4 lines though..... but then the ice came <img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley12.gif">
  5. str8ballin
    Just to set the record straight I don't slang anymore.I have a good ass job now so I don't need to take that risk now.I don't want to end up in prison and thats the direction I was headed.

    Too many snitches and haters around here.
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