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6 year old gets caught with drugs

By Abrad, May 28, 2006 | |
  1. Abrad
    When i first read the tittle i was like OMG. It remidned me of a conversation that a friend and I were having yesterday talking about her brother i had met only once or twice. When he was in 4th grade he started stealling his dad's moonshine and selling it at school, until a teacher caught him. I don't remember what all else happended. I came across this article today though:When a teacher asked a 6-year-old boy to pull a folder out of his Scooby-Doo backpack, a bag filled with 25 smaller bags of marijuana fell out instead, a court document said

    The teacher gave the drugs to a school administrator, who called police. Before officers arrived at HOPE Community Academy, the boy's father showed up. He took the backpack from his son and quickly walked away, according to a criminal complaint.

    The father was later arrested and told investigators he hid the marijuana in the backpack, and left it in a bedroom closet. When he discovered the backpack was missing, he ran to his son's nearby school.

    Corey Randle, 29, was charged Thursday with a fifth-degree drug-sale charge.


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