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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Supplier feared a customer would die

    A LEGAL HIGH drug dealer today uncovers the full horrifying extent of the deadly trade - and tells how the latest variety nearly cost him his life.

    The supplier warns that FIVE new super-strength chemical substances are already flooding into Britain.

    He reveals that he suffered 60 hours of hell after roadtesting one of them.

    And, chillingly, he predicts the Government will never keep up with the ever-changing concoctions - linked to two more deaths last week.

    The dealer - we are calling him Lee to protect his real identity - made thousands selling the drugs online and via Twitter.

    But he finally came to his senses after taking Benzo Fury - and getting a taste of his own medicine.

    "I thought I was going to die," he says. "It was supposed to be similar to ecstasy but it was 30 minutes of pleasure and 59½ hours of hell."

    Benzo Fury was launched three weeks ago and its popularity is booming.

    "It was quite possibly the most harrowing experience of my life," he told us. "My heart was beating like crazy. I thought I was going to die.

    "I went and lay in bed for 12 hours, then got up and came downstairs again. This went on for 60 hours. During the whole time I didn't sleep once and I didn't eat a thing.

    "I suffered from severe paranoia and severe depression. It was terrifying.

    "I thought, 'My God - my customers have got this stuff. I need to take my sites down.' "

    Last week the Government pledged to introduce temporary bans on new legal highs rather than wait for confirmation that the substances were dangerous.

    Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire promised: "It allows us to act straight away to stop new substances gaining a foothold."

    Lee, though, is unimpressed. "The Government have no idea," he said. "By the time they hear about the legal highs the producers have already slightly changed the chemical compound to make a new substance that is legal.

    "The online marketing is ready to launch the new product on a new website with a host of pre-orders. The market is growing so fast it is frightening. A new substance comes on the market each month to replace banned ones."

    Lee revealed that as well as Benzo Fury, four more legal highs - 5-IAI, MDAT, MDAI and Dimethocaine - are poised to flood in. "You can make a fortune if you are good at internet marketing," he said.

    Lee, who learned his IT skills in the Army, earned up to £3,000 a week setting up a string of drug sites and using Twitter to keep in touch with customers.

    Sitting in his terraced house in the West Midlands, he showed us online receipts for payments he received for his goods, and the links from where he bought the drugs.

    "For the customers it's as easy as ordering a takeaway," he said. "You just place the order and we pop it in an envelope for next day delivery."

    Lee predicts Benzo Fury will replace Ivory Wave - the £15-a-time drug taken by Michael Bishton, 24, before he plunged to his death off a cliff on the Isle of Wight last weekend.

    In another legal high related tragedy, an inquest heard how make-up artist Kathleen Macken, 20, died after a friend put Meow Meow in her drink.

    Lee believes many more deaths will follow. "No one knows what the long term effects are," he said.

    "I think you have got to be mad to take this stuff - and I used to sell it."

    Banned... then rebranded

    DRUG dealers are selling off their stockpiles of banned Meow Meow - by packaging them as legal high Ivory Wave.

    Ken Checinski, medical advisor of the charity, Addaction, told the News of the World that mephedrone is still being supplied to buyers who don't think they are breaking the law.

    "Ivory Wave is essentially formed from banned substances," he said. "And NRG-1 is often cut with mephedrone. "People are playing Russian roulette with what they get.

    "Users of legal highs tend to be more naive because it's a different population from hardened drug takers."

    By Dominic Herbert, 22/08/2010


  1. Balzafire
    Good grief! This is getting as scary as the Mexican drug war! My Cousin hopes his 24 y/o son never tries any of this stuff. He's gonna have the talk...
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    bear in mind (and I'm no expert on the various UK papers) but this one did certainly strike me as being among the "tabloid press" - so keep the large grains of salt handy...
  3. Alfa
    Deja Vu! Seems like certain vendors are abusing the sensation hungry press again to promote their wares. An advertorial with the goal to create craze. That's all this is.
  4. Phenoxide
    Indeed.. I'd already loosened the salt pot lid and emptied the contents all over this story. 'OMG legal high nearly killed me!' == panic attack, paranoia, a touch of dysphoria. There's nothing to suggest that there was anything truly life threatening here.

    Can stimulants create a prolonged negative experience? No question. Is it likely that a hellacious experience lasting nearly three days will occur from a single, reasonable dose of 6-APB? I think not. Maybe after effects persisted for three days but I don't for one second believe he spent 60 hours curled up in the fetal position, heart booming and expecting the grim reaper to arrive any second. Had it been that severe he'd have been hosptalized. No mention of that in the report.. which is funny because you'd think it'd be a pretty important fact had it happened.

    Either this is bullshit from someone that is not a 6-APB vendor trying to discredit the product, or it's a moron that took way too much, probably re-dosed (and possibly mixed with other chemicals he had in stock) and proceeded to have a very unpleasant time of his own creation. Hardly speaks highly of his credentials to supply such substances. No sympathy for the devil.

    That's not to say that the product Benzo Fury and the chemicals 6-APB and 6-APDB are necessarily safe; just that this report is questionable. As long as people are cautious and dose a sensible amount, orally, once and only once (no re-dosing), there's no reason to believe these substances are particularly dangerous. Indeed, given its potency MDPV has already proven itself far more problematic.

    I somehow doubt this guy has ceased trading and think we will need to keep an eye on him. Looks like he's following in the footsteps of Dodgy Dave and his NRG-1 shenanigans.
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    I must say, while a terrible article, if he is trying to promote his site(s) he is doing a terrible job (or this rag did a good job of preventing it).

    I'm guessing the actual interview, versus what was published, are probably quite different.
  6. enquirewithin
    This is from the "News of the World"! It doesn't get (much) lower than that.
  7. Balzafire
    Well..... the "SUN" is so bad that I have gotten to the point where I've decided not to post articles I've found there more than a few times, mostly articles about legal drugs.
    In America we hear from you guys in the UK about how ridiculously silly the British tabloids can be and lately I have been seeing it first hand. Over here we have the "National Enquirer" and only one or two more, but I think most people would be too embarrassed to actually buy one. I think they are purchased mostly during the night by old ladies. :laugh:

    The tabloids are having a field day with this "legal drugs" thing, aren't they?
  8. enquirewithin
  9. plusminus
    Same here,
    My turtle Alfred took couple of "supposed to be 6 apb" and suffer worsted nightmare of his life. No euphoria, no feel good effects , but blurry vision for days, feeling like someone else, paranoia, he wasnt able to move his limbs properly, wasnt able to fall asleep even after taking 50 mg of valium for 72hrs, each night, heart 140 bpm for many days. It`s been 2 weeks since taking it, and he still doesnt feel like himself. What`s interesting those people are still selling it , delivering that poison on scooters and by post.
  10. Synchronium
    I wonder if he was breaking the law...

    He, as a sole trader, or his company under his directorship, supplied something to him for consumption; that being the sole intention.

  11. give me substance

    its so true , the sun/news of the world in particular seemed to be the worse culprits for this, mephedrone was branded the 'killer drug' causing GENOCIDE amongst our youth despite still not being proved to be linked to a single death

    the last straw for me with our tabloids was in the build up to the last election when they said "for the sake of our children vote labour out of power" (regarding the sale of mephedrone) , sensationalist crap
  12. Desertfox
    Sounds like an overdose of an already dysphoric cmpd. The same thing happens if you take too much adderall. you don't enjoy it and you can't sleep or eat for days.
  13. enquirewithin
    Undoubtedly sensational rubbish, but it does sound like a very uninteresting compound-- who likes prolonged dysphoria?
  14. lololsolid
    Lol so dysphoria, an increased heart rate, restlessness, and hallucinations are an indication that you "almost died"? My friend SWIM experiences those effects EVERY TIME he takes adderall or MDMA. It's common knowledge that amphetamine withdrawal can produce acute psychosis, in which a person will feel paranoid or experience mild hallucinations. That does NOT mean you almost died.

    To me, this article reeks of advertising a product as "overwhelmingly powerful". Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of kids would go out and try this crap after reading this article.

    My friend SWIM has experienced many awful effects from drugs, including sensations of being "crushed between giant gears", "ripped apart, and "having his skin flayed from his body", but doesn't believe that it means he almost died.

    When you take a drug, your brain chemistry changed temporarily. That's to be expected- it does NOT mean you are on the brink of death.

    Personally, however, I find legal highs to be very dangerous as there is so little information about them. There could be literally anything in such substances, until someone takes the time to drug test it. As stated above, there is much "sensationalism" when it comes to drug deaths. People want something to blame their loved ones deaths on, and it usually ends up being a drug. "Ivory Wave killed my son" isn't a valid point if someone does something stupid while under the influence of a legal high- because it's the person's fault they're dead (and not the drug). A drug killing someone, in my opinion, is when their body literally gives out from the effects of the drug- not when they do something stupid to end their own life.

    Eh, just food for thought.
  15. kailey_elise
    [size=-1]*emphasis mine*[/size]

    I totally agree. It's like the junkie phenomena of everyone trying to find the dope that they read in the paper killed 3 people last night. :rollseyes:

    "If it's killing people (or 'almost' so), it must be REALLY FUCKING GOOD, man!!"


  16. lololsolid
    Legal highs are a depressing frontier to SWIM... he does not like the idea of substances which so few people have tried, and so little is known about. But suggesting someone go out and try illegal highs instead seems morally wrong- though it might be far safer.
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