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  1. Terrapinzflyer

    The Guardia Civil in Santa Pola has intercepted a cache of some 600 kilos of hashish. The small craft carrying the drug was making its way toward El Pinet Beach during the early hours of Sunday morning. It was intercepted as the contents were offloaded into a waiting van..

    It all took place at round 1.00 am on Sunday morning when the Guardia Civil in Alicante detected, through the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE), a small vessel that was sailing around the coastal area of Alicante.

    As it approached Santa Pola it started to behave erratically, changing speed and direction, heading towards the coast. A number of individuals were observed on the shoreline waving at the boat in an apparent effort to guide it in.

    The Central Services Operations Command (COS) alerted the local Guardia Civil in an effort to arrest the individuals concerned and intercept drugs.

    Once the police patrol was positioned on the ground they tracked an approaching van which appeared to be carrying several individuals. They approached the craft as it approached the beach and began to offload a number of small packages into the van.

    Once the packages were loaded into the van, the Civil Guard decided to act, thereby achieving the seizure of approximately 20 bales of hashish, with an approximate weight of 600 kilos. As the alarm was raised the suspects drove off at speed in a vehicle that had been stolen in Barcelona during the previous day. Although all the drugs were confiscated no arrests were made.

    The Civil Guard continues the search for the suspects.

    Kevin Reardon
    2010-01-24 18:35:28



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