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$60K Worth of Drug Paraphernalia Taken From Sparks Store

  1. Rob Cypher
    Tens of thousands of dollars worth of drug paraphernalia was taken from the Up In Smoke Hippie Store after authorities searched it.

    The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Lyon County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division served a search warrant to the Up in Smoke Hippie Store on Prater Way in Sparks, and to a resident on Gull Street in Reno, according to Sergeant Pope with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office.

    Sergeant Pope says narcotics agents seized $60,458.64 worth of drug paraphernalia.

    In total, 2,624.99 grams of Synthetic Cannabinoids (spice), 992.8 grams of Hallucinogens, 183.3 grams of Synthetic Cathinones (bath salts), 10,681 grams of pharmaceutical controlled substances, and 149.1 grams of other unspecified drugs were taken by authorities, according to Sergeant Pope.

    Sergeant Pope says a .45 caliber handgun and a .22 caliber revolver were taken as well.

    The investigation is ongoing. No further information has been released.

    Millie Warren
    KOLO-8 News
    April 18, 2014



  1. D0pe
    This happened to several places in our area a few years ago when the Research Chemical Fad was kind of new to the market.. When the police did raid these stores they took the merchandise and the cash that was on hand. In allot of cases the cash the was taken was just from 1 week of profits or even 1 day.

    Just reflecting on all the people that were able to go in and cash out on the fad with it was popular. Probably not even having to work for the rest of their lives.. And believe me i probably would not be wrong to assume that there are thousands of people that are set for life just because of the so called Paraphernalia they sold.

    Maybe allot of people do not realize how big of a market it was years back and how there is still a huge underground market.

    I think the legal grey area in the USA has pretty much been eliminated almost all over the place. But that does not mean people will still try and still try to get around it.

    IN the end the Laws will always catch up to the old ones and things just get more controlled.

    Granted i think that removing these chemicals from the street was a good thing. I do not support it at all.

    Good reminder that this stuff is still on the market and i see it in the news still to this day.. Kind of rambling here now but this market is still in active swing in the United States.
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