60mil madrax bust in S.A

By bottlekop · May 10, 2006 · Updated May 10, 2006 · ·
  1. bottlekop
    10 May 2006 03:06
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Police swoop on R60m-worth of Mandrax

    Police confiscated Mandrax tablets -- worth about R60-
    million on the street -- in a cargo depot at City Deep in
    Johannesburg on Wednesday.
    Senior Superintendent Mary Martins-Engelbrecht said the
    crime intelligence unit, the organised crime unit, the
    South African Revenue Service, customs, and the police dog
    unit resulted in the confiscation of the Mandrax tablets
    early on Wednesday morning.
    "The team followed up on information regarding a shipment
    from China via the Durban harbour to Johannesburg," said
    "The Mandrax tablets were found in a container that
    contained wooden doors. Upon investigations the police dogs
    reacted positively to drugs. They were found stashed inside
    the doors."
    Martins-Engelbrecht said the bust was a huge blow to the
    Mandrax industry, adding that the cooperation between the
    various departments played a huge role in the successful
    confiscation of the drugs.
    "Police expect to make arrests soon. We suspect it’s an
    international drug syndicate that's involved," she said. --

    -Mail & Gaurdian (online)
    P.S - for all those not from south africa, this is a local news paper. also currency in article is RANDS. exchange rate roughly at 1$ to 6/7 rand (usualy).

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  1. snapper
    SWIM loved this stuff when SWIM was a kid. Didn't know it was still around, though it is really easy to synth. Also didn't know it was smokable. Here's an interesting article on the Mandrax trade in South Africa. Who whoulda thunk that it was smoked with dagga (cannabis or lion's tail ?).


  2. BlueMystic
    Ahh yes, Mandrax. SWIB wouldn't mind having a mandrax dream every once in a while.
  3. bottlekop
    thanks Snapper, link was interesting. I am always interested to read about S.A related things.
    it is often smoked with cannabis(not lion's tail as far as i am aware) in S.A . and funny enough the most common smokking device is the "bottle-kop"(neck of a broken bottle used as a pipe with a paper filter. well now u've seen where i get my screen name from. they call it "White-Pipe" in the artical, but a more common name with the coloured(malay) and black people is bottlekop. swibk discovered cannabis through them and is used to that word). the pills are crushed and mixed with dagga as the link says, then smoked. the mandrax is also often just refed to as "pills". very general word I know. but much like the word "dope" it obviously has a few different interpretations in different parts of the world. but usualy in S.A if someone talks of "pills" in the context of smokking, they will be reffering to mandrax.
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