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£680,000 haul of heroin 'sent through the post from Pakistan to house in Bury', court

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Heroin worth up to £680,000 was smuggled from Pakistan through the post, a court heard.

    The consignment – labelled as a ‘gift’ by the sender – was bound for an address in Bury.

    But the drugs were seized by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) after border officials examined the package on its arrival at the Parcelforce International Hub in Coventry.

    Once the drugs had been removed, SOCA sealed up the package and allowed it go on to its destination, which they kept under surveillance. At Walmesley Road, Bury, David Austin was seen signing for the parcel before running off ‘like a startled horse’, Robert Davies, prosecuting, said.

    Austin, 25, of Hill Lane, Blackley, and two others, Syed Ahmed, 24, of Napier Street, Oldham and Kashif Khan, 26, of Ilford, east London, deny conspiring to evade the prohibition on the importation of controlled drugs.

    It is alleged that Mr Ahmed and Mr Khan arranged for the drugs to be brought into the country.

    Mr Austin is alleged to have been paid to collect the drugs before giving them to Mr Khan, who was arrested nearby.

    When the parcel was intercepted officials found it contained 14 white tubs labelled ‘Lithium Grease’. Inside each was roughly half a kilo of heroin in paste form.

    The court heard that on April 15 last year Mr Austin was seen waiting for the parcel. He is alleged to have approached the driver ‘before he could get to the front door’, signing for the package with a false name.

    “He scarpered with it to the back of the flats, where he was arrested”, Mr Davies said.

    Mr Khan, who admits attempting to possess the heroin with intent to supply, was on his way to collect Mr Austin when SOCA swooped.

    A search of Mr Khan’s house uncovered documents linking him to the delivery address and his passport showed he had visited Pakistan months before the delivery.

    The prosecution say Mr Ahmed can also be linked to the delivery address, and that he ‘organised and supervised’ the smuggling bid in collusion with Mr Khan.

    Chris Osuh
    April 12, 2011


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