7/11 Stops Selling Cocaine

  1. Universal Expat

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  1. psyche
    It is unbelievable how taboo certain substances can be. I mean, this is almost religionistic seriousness towards illegal drugs, only they are not praised but condemned as pure evil. Generally speaking, this pursuit against drugs resembles me of the Hegels(well originally from Aristoteles I guess) theory of dialectics: as the synthetic drugs were discovered they were praised because they were so powerfull painkillers, for instance. The antithesis follows as the dangers of these substances is discovered. If this follows the pattern, there will be synthesis, drugs are accepted as a part of society and used in a better way than in the time of thesis(late 1800s and early 1900s) or antithesis. Sorry about offtopic, but I managed to keep it short :)
  2. SPWIM
    It's not as bad as red bull. I drank a can of that and jumped from a skyscraper because I thought I had wings!!!!!!!
  3. Powder_Reality
    Does anybody know if and when this drink will be available in Canada? SWIM's been suckered in by all the hype and controversy and would really like to get his hands on a can of it. Although it looks like it may be hard to find if all the major franchises continue to ban it.
  4. N0ly
    its sad how closed minded people can be. I think cocaine is a great name for a high caffine drink. as long as it doesnt have actual cocaine in it i see no problem with it. its just a name and it seems to be working as far as building hype.
  5. StigmataLectron
    What the fuck did they have to say about XTC?
  6. RunRedFox
    haha in swims area the local clerk sells cocaine out of the 7/11. the title of this post lead swim to believe the clerk may have gotten arrested but swim suppose 7/11 still sells cocaine around swims parts.
  7. grandbaby
    Here's a million-dollar idea that anyone can run with, free of charge. Just remember to thank me when you make your million:

    An energy drink called "Craic". This is Irish for "fun." But it's pronounced "crack." The campain would be "Craic is fun!"
    Just think of heading down to 7-11 to pick up some crack, how upset the parents would be, and how much free publicity you'd get. Next thing you know, you're retiring.
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