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7-year-old son tells on Alabama mom after police pull her over for suspected DUI

  1. Rob Cypher
    When approached by an off-duty police officer who had observed her erratic driving, 25-year-old Audrey B. McColm was asked if she had been drinking.

    McColm denied that suggestion, according to a Randolph County Sheriff's Department report, but a 7-year-old child who had been riding in her vehicle had an opposing viewpoint.

    "Yes, you have, Mom," the youngster said.

    McColm was arrested Monday night on a preliminary charge of neglect of a dependent. She was later released after posting bond at the Randolph County jail.

    Authorities said a breath test measured McColm's blood-alcohol content at 0.237 percent, nearly three times the legal limit for motorists.

    The sheriff's report indicated McColm's vehicle had nearly collided head-on with the off-duty officer's car. Authorities were looking for her car when they found it parked outside a home.

    After being taken to the jail, the Selma woman allegedly asked officers to "shoot her in the head" and for a time she refused to put on a jail jump suit after her own clothing had been removed.

    Indianapolis Star
    September 18, 2015



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