70 Busted in Grow Houses Sting in Tampa

By therustedgauge · Aug 17, 2008 · ·
  1. therustedgauge
    HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY (Bay News 9)[Tampa, FL] -- Hillsborough County deputies netted 70 arrests, 6,000 marijuana plants and 3,200 pounds of pot worth $13 million in a recent drug bust called Operation Indoor Outlaws.

    Authorities say they found pot growing in 62 houses. They also seized cash and weapons. In all, officers say they've arrested 70 people since February. Some of the suspects were hiding their operation in plain sight.
    Teresa Wiggins was a neighbor of Naldo Diaz Jr., who was arrested on charges he was operating a grow house. "You'd never know it from looking over there," she said. "He was such a nice guy. I couldn't believe he had done something like that."

    Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee says this crackdown won't be the last.
    "Absolutely," he said. "This is just the tip of the iceberg. It really is."
    Authorities say they still need to arrest nine more people. The sheriff's office says the suspects stole about a $500,000 worth of electricity from utilities to run their grow house operations.

    therustedgauge added 1 Minutes and 6 Seconds later...

    SWIM thinks the local government should spend more money busting rapists and murderers; Though, SWIM also believes stealing $500k worth of electricity deserves to get arrested, that only makes everyone else's electric bills higher!

    (and shit if they arent already expensive) :s

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  1. FrankenChrist
    If only they found a way to not have to steal power.
  2. Pondlife
    You'd think he was a serial killer wouldn't you, not a gardener.
  3. Coconut
    Stories like this usually contain such quotes, as if people who grow cannabis are evil, maniacal supervillains from Dimension X.
  4. Metomni
    This is what pisses me off. If he was such a nice guy, and still is, maybe you could see through the fact that what he did...drum roll...WASN'T BAD!

  5. therustedgauge
    Thinking maybe she smoked his weed but didnt want to say on camera.:laugh:

    He was "Mr. Nice Guy" after all, lol
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