70-year-old bought pot, coke, police say

By KingNikolai · Aug 23, 2008 · ·
  1. KingNikolai
    70-year-old bought pot, coke, police say

    The Associated Press
    August 22, 2008

    MIAMI - Police said they have arrested a 70-year-old woman on charges she was buying drugs on the streets of Miami. According to an arrest form, Miami police were conducting a narcotics investigation on Wednesday when 70-year old Paula Carrido was seen buying marijuana and cocaine. A detective found her carrying three plastic bags of marijuana and a bag of cocaine they said she was hiding in her bra. Carrido was released and will appear in court for her arraignment Sept. 10.


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  1. fiveleggedrat
    This was in my local paper today.

    I really hope they go easy on her. That'd be lame, getting a bunch of drug charges that old and going to jail.
  2. Bajeda
    Are we serious? What are they going to do, jail her?
  3. therustedgauge
    Chances are house arrest w/ probation, they may take her age into question, but she'll be doing probation for sure. Too expensive to afford proper medication to the elderly in jail for us taxpayers damn it!
  4. Metomni
    Yeah, I mean, she needs to be punished if law enforcers want to be consistent. While she can't be placed in prison, it would be a precedent for many possible things if they just let her go due to age.

    On another note, 70, and doing blow ?!? Jesus, must not care about her heart.
  5. Junket
    If you're that old, its all you have left and it makes you happy..

    snort away
  6. FuBai
    One wonders if she is not buying for someone else, perhaps an addicted family member who for some reason or other cannot come themselves, or believes that such an old person would be above suspicion.
  7. snapper
    SWIM thinks retirement is when the drug party really starts. Got nothing much to lose at that point, though SWIM would probably choose a nod over blow (or maybe both..).
    It's sickening that they just didn't flush her stash and let her go. For christ's sake, aren't there tons of gangs and organized crime in florida? And undercover cops are wasting state and federal money on geriatric end users ?
    What a fucking joke!
  8. Panthers007
    Maybe she was buying it for her father. But really: What a feather-in-the-cap for some narc - busting old women for possession of pot and coke. Hope he gets a medal. And a kick in the ass.
  9. drug-bot
    jailing her would be reprehensible, house arrest would also be bad (shes so old she probably has a ton of doctor appointments and it would be cruel to confine her when shes most likely doesnt have long to live), community service would be out of the question (could they put a 70 year old on the side of the highway picking up trash?), probation would be the only humane punishment, though if swim where prosecter he'd just dismiss the charges give her a stern warning and have her pay the normal court costs.
  10. Lobsang
    Let me set you guys straight. 70 is not that old. Hell you are going to see a whole new generation of people in their 70s and more using drugs. I mean quite a few great rock artists are not ti far from that. I mean if you were 30 in the mid 60s you are 70 now. If you were 20 then you will be 70 in not so many years. I know kids...70 sounds old and 10 years sounds like a long time. But neither really are.
  11. Junket
    70 is not ancient but busting this old woman is pointless, she wasn't doing any harm to anyone and there are much better, bigger things police could be after
  12. Lobsang
    Well of course it was pointless. The cop should have used discretion. But busting anyone is pointless regardless of their age. What about busting a coolege student who wants to go to medical school. One bust for a dime bag of pot and his carreer is shot. What about busting any person? It all sucks and is wrong
  13. Junket
  14. Lobsang
    Just think for example. Did not Bill Clinton admit to at least holding a joint in his hand when he "did not inhale". Well if the cops would have burst in and busted him at that moment he would have had a drug record. And you are not going to be President with any drug record. So he would have been fucked. All for one little joint. That is why it is so stupid. And entire career shot.

    But you can have a DUI and be president. Bush proves that.
  15. purplehaze
    Phaze had a friend whose grandmother went to jail for manufactoring meth. She spent 1 day in federal prison and then was released. She was 72 at the time and had diabeties, she is still alive and was charged rightly. She still had probation and alot of shit after that but was scott free.
  16. Panthers007
    George Bush Jr. has acknowledged cocaine and a drinking problem. Figures being on two of the worst drugs for aberrant behavior didn't keep him from being...elected? Wait a minute...
  17. Lobsang
    Yeah...But I think a conviction would have possibley been a different story for Bush...But I could be wrong. It is kind of fashionable to say you tried drugs but stopped doing then. But then all of a sudden if you are actually procecuted for them it becomes a different story in the publics eye. That is the illogic of people. I mean I think somewhere in the back of my mind I remember JFK being rumored to have taken LSD or Jakie. But my memory could be wrong.
  18. snapper
    The rumor was that that was one of the reasons JFK was shot. Who knows though..
  19. cra$h
    oh no, not house arrest! 99% of all old ladies sit and watch qvc. That's when the blow comes in. Blood pressure medicine got you tired? Missing your late night fassion? rail a line or 2, and you'll be good for the whole episode!
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