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700 marijuana plants, 14 pounds of pot seized in Jamestown area raids

  1. SmokeTwibz

    Five men and two women – including four members of the same family – were taken into custody Thursday during early morning police raids in Jamestown and Busti that police said led to the seizure of about 700 marijuana plants, 14 pounds of dried marijuana, 37 long guns, a handgun, cash and various pot-growing items worth about $20,000.

    The dried pot alone had a street value of about $35,000, police said.

    Arrested in Jamestown were Angel L. Pacheco, 37, and Gloria M. Pacheco, 32, both of Barrows Street. Also, Eric R. Truver, 22, and Jillian E. Hilton, 22, both of Water Street, and David P. Truver, 51, of Lafayette Street, father of the younger Truver.

    Arrested in Lakewood were Mark A. Truver, 54, of East First Street, and his brother, Scott B., 55, of Big Tree Road. Both are cousins of the other Truvers charged, police said.

    The Pachecos were both charged with felony criminal possession of marijuana, child endangerment and unlawfully growing marijuana. More than 400 marijuana plants, two pounds of dried marijuana and cash were found in the couple’s Barrow Street home, according to investigators from the Jamestown Police and the State Police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team. A child in the home at the time of the raid was turned over to authorities.

    Eric Truver and Jillian Hilton were both charged with felony possession of marijuana and unlawfully growing marijuana. About 85 marijuana plants and 10 ounces of dried marijuana were found in their home, investigators said.

    David Truver was charged with unlawfully growing marijuana. Investigators said they found 83 marijuana plants in his Lafayette Street residence.

    In separate raids in the Village of Lakewood, which is in the Town of Busti, Mark Truver was charged with criminal possession of marijuana for the 12 pounds of dried pot investigators said they found in his East First Street home. His brother, Scott, was charged with unlawfully growing marijuana and criminal possession of marijuana, and accused of growing 170 marijuana plants in his home on Big Tree Road. Guns also were found in his home, investigators said.

    After the raids, Jamestown housing inspectors deemed the residences on Barrows, Lafayette and Water streets uninhabitable and condemned them. All three homes had their power sources modified in an attempt to avoid payment for power usage, police said.

    Jamestown Capt. Robert Samuelson said the investigation into the marijuana ring is continuing and more charges are possible against the seven people arrested.

    He said anyone with information about illegal drug activity in the city can contact the city police anonymous tip line at 483-TIPS (8477).

    BY: Matt Gryta

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    My name is Jason Jones. I'm from Rochester, MN and I'm 35 years old. I scrap metal and work as grounds keeper at a local trailer park. In the winter, I shovel a bunch of driveways and sidewalks to make some extra money and to stay busy. In my free time, I try to find interesting articles about the war on drugs that I can post on Drugs-Forum, so that the information can reach a wider audience.


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