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70yr old man arrested for "massive" heroin pocession

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    70-year-old arrested for massive heroin possession

    VILLAS—Lower Township Police arrested a 70-year-old Villas man on Friday, Sept. 11 after receiving word that he would be at a North Cape May shopping center distributing heroin.
    At about 5:30 p.m. police here arrested Francis Leszcynski, 70, of Jacksonville Avenue in Villas. According to police, after being under surveillance, Leszcynski was approached by officers as he arrived at the shopping center in North Cape May where he voluntarily handed over 24 packets of heroin.
    During his arrest, Leszcynski apparently told officers about more heroin stashed at his residence. After signing a consent-to-search form, he was accompanied by officers back to his home where police were shown the heroin and also found a large amount of cash.
    Officers obtained a search warrant for Leszcynski’s home and car and were able to seize a total 104 bags of heroin and over $30,000 cash.
    Police also seized Leszcynski’s Ford Ranger, which was used to transport the heroin. He was taken to the county jail on $25,000 bail and charged with possession of heroin and possession with intent to distribute.
    Over the last few weeks, police have seized over 140 bags of heroin from the streets of Lower Township. Police Chief Edward Donohue stated, “Our continuing law enforcement actions should send a clear message to drug dealers operating in Lower Township. Don’t. We will indentify you. We will arrest you. We will seize the profits of your illegal activities.”
    “My officers and detectives will continue to work closely with the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office to aggressively pursue high level drug dealers in order to keep our community safe for our residents and children,” Donohue said.

    Sep, 14-2009 1:12 pm



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