743 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Septic Truck

By Terrapinzflyer · Feb 1, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    743 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Septic Truck

    Arizona police seized 743 pounds of marijuana from a septic tank filled with human waste on Wednesday, one of the state’s strangest drug busts.

    The marijuana was hidden in the holding tank of the truck and totaled approximately 743 pounds, worth about $409,000 according to police. Police pulled the truck over about 35 miles outside of Tucson, Ariz., after a scan of the truck’s license plate revealed that it was invalid.

    Police then noticed that commercial tags on the truck were invalid as well, prompting a search of the vehicle. The search revealed packages of marijuana wrapped in red and orange cellophane in the human-waste-filled truck.

    “It just shows how desperate these drug cartels are. They'll go to any lengths to conceal their product. We've seen it concealed [among] watermelons, bell peppers. This is the first time we've seen it concealed in human waste,” said Bart Graves, spokesperson for Arizona’s Department of Public Safety.

    The driver, Tucson resident Leonard Salcido, 24, was arrested on various marijuana and drug transportation charges.

    According to a report released by CNN, police in the Tucson area are often more stringent about pulling cars over, as the main highway in the area—I-19—is frequently used for drug and human trafficking in and out of Mexico.

    Febuary 01, 2010

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  1. Raoul duke420
    This is one load swim is glad to see taken. Hope the piggies had fun digging through that shit :) lol. The less crap mexican weed the better though, especially if they are smuggling within sewage tanks. fucking gross!
  2. Crazy Insane Sanity
    Hmm...do you suppose they just ate a lot of pot brownies? lol

    Either way, I'm glad it's off the streets too...think about this next time Swiy buys herb from an unknown source!
  3. Suboxer
    Every bit they can seize of Cannabis - especially larger seizures - keeps some people from getting high, maybe for a few weeks - maybe long enough to realize the permanent haze of irrationality that's settled over them from their use, and keeps a few teenagers from ever starting smoking it at all when they can't find it.

    I'm not for locking up drug users, or pot smokers either, for that matter - they should be put in treatment if their drug of use is not physically addictive, and put on maintenance if it is (i.e. GABAergics, opioids). And, for obvious reasons, not for seizing physiologically addictive drugs, due to deaths due to withdrawal, suicides due to withdrawal, so on and so forth, not until a Maintenance system is put in place that has no waiting lines and can take as many junkies as want to come.

    But this is one part of the drug war that's doing some good - pissing off some pot smokers who can't get high for the next week, and maybe by the end of that week they'll be glad they couldn't. (Of course no one who's still smoking can understand that Cannabis fucks you up, and I'm not talking about the high.) And keeps a few teenagers from picking the habit up at this moment, even if they pick it up later. The later they start, the lesser chance of it becoming a habit, and the lesser chance for life-long damage and maladaptation to be caused if it does become a habit.
  4. Euthanatos93420
    Drug snobbery is absolute junk in any form. Tweakers dissing crackheads. You still haven't replied to my debunk of every single bit of evidence you put forth showing how 'bad' cannabis is.

    Swim ain't a snob about his DOC and really. Who gives a fuck what drug people do as long as they're not hurting anyone? Compassion my ass.
  5. godztear
    Anyone who has ever done any hardcore house plumbing knows exactly what a broken line can do to the "shit tube" exiting the building. The back up of human waste is horrible, absolutely disgusting when you take the pipe fittings apart. Niagara falls of Doom.

    Now personally my stomach turned a little when I read this article, especially considering that many of the people I know partake in the recreation of smoking marijuana that just may come from Mexico. Sure it's wrapped in cellophane... but it's also floating in already eaten food for miles threw the desert heat.

    That should be enough to make anyone think twice about the next toke.
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