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77-year-old granny is a £1m cocaine smuggler [UK]

  1. chillinwill
    From: http://www.sundaymercury.net/news/m...anny-is-a-1m-cocaine-smuggler-66331-21917057/


  1. jon-q
    ~Latest up date on above story~
    Ambrozine heron,77,and her daughter Paulette chambers,49,both of smethwick,west midlands,were arested at the port of dover in march.
    The court heard 16kg(35lb)of cocaine was found in heron's specially-adapted nissan pathfinder.
    Heron was found guilty at canturbury crown court and was jailed for 13yrs~while chambers admitted her role and was jailed for 14yrs....
    Source~Lancishire telegraph/world today.
  2. AskTheSpaceInvader
    Wow, 13 years for a 77 year old is quite shocking.
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