7kg of ketamine found in TV set

By chillinwill · Mar 25, 2009 · Updated Mar 25, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    KUCHING: A 32-year-old Indian national, suspected of being a drug mule, was arrested during a routine Customs check at the Kuching International Airport two days ago.

    Customs officers found 7kg of ketamine in 46 plastic bags hidden inside a television set belonging to the man.

    The drug is worth about RM245,000 [US $67,600] on the black market. While it is used in medical treatment, addicts also take it.

    State Customs director Rusmani Abdul Sukur said yesterday that the man took off from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi on March 16 and arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on the same day.

    "Yesterday (Tuesday), he arrived in Kuching.
    "During a routine check, my officers found the drugs hidden inside the TV set."

    He said the officers found it strange that someone from India was lugging a TV set all the way to Kuching.

    "We believe the man was not acting alone. We do not rule out the possibility that he could be part of a drug syndicate."

    March 19, 2009

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  1. Sunshine-Band
    Re: 7kg of ketamine found in TV set - Suspect Receives Death Penalty

    So he will probably be murdered by the state - these joke courts in malaysia are likely to inflict such barabarism, they are truly where the UK was 50 years ago, and the irony is KL city makes the UK look like the stone age visually. Anyway, the sooner the UK can lead on drugs the sooner these sort of places will get on the civilisation bandwaggon.
  2. Scrubbs
    "Addicts also take it."

    That is so wrong.
  3. enquirewithin
    And I thought TV was boring! That viewer won't need TV for much longer.

    Malaysia has stone age drug laws. Money can buy tall shiny buildings-- look at Dubai, which some say will soon be retreating back, unfinished into the boring desert it truly should be, with laws which make Malaysia's look modern. Almost as bad is Singapore which executes more people in comparison to it's population than even China does, mostly 'drug dealers.' (Rich criminals, like of one Burma's biggest drug dealers, easily find refuge there.)

    For a slight improvement in Malaysia's drugs laws see here:

  4. bman1
    One wonders if that poor guy was a decoy. Who would carry a TV set with them. Let one get caught while 3 other less obvious get though?
  5. enquirewithin
    That's what you call a 'mule'.
  6. Scrubbs
    I don't think it would make sense for the decoy to be carrying such a large quantity of ketamine. Maybe I am wrong though, maybe he was the decoy and while the security was busy with him, another gentleman was able to sneak in 100kg's of ketamine, who knows?

    It just seems unlikely that the drug syndicate would have the decoy carry that large of a quantity.
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