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8-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom High On Formaldehyde - Pennsylvania

  1. Rob Cypher
    Police say an 8-year-old western Pennsylvania boy saved his mom from harm by calling his grandmother for help when his mother was high from smoking cigarettes soaked in embalming fluid.

    Uniontown Police say 30-year-old Cheri Sokol was lying on the ground in the middle of the sidewalk outside her Carson Street home when they got to the scene.

    “She was laying on the sidewalk, couldn’t stand without being escorted, very delusional, hallucinating, seeing things,” said Lt. Tom Kolencik, of Uniontown Police.

    It was on Oct. 7 when authorities say Sokol’s 8-year-old son called his grandmother saying his mother wasn’t feeling well. He was with his 5-year-old sister and 3-year-old brother at the time.

    “I think it’s disgusting. If you’re by yourself and you do something, like you get high or drunk or stone or whatever, you’re not hurting anyone but yourself,” said Michele Little, a neighbor. “But if you have little kids around, you’re supposed to be protecting the kids, not putting them in danger.”

    Police are waiting on blood tests to confirm, but believe that Sokol may have been high on embalming fluid, commonly referred to as ‘water’ or ‘wet.’

    It’s a liquid similar to PCP and the effects are like no other street drug.

    “Unlike regular drugs or alcohol they never really come to or have a sobering moment,” said Lt. Kolencik.

    At Sokol’s home on Wednesday, no one answered the door. But children inside could be heard inside.

    Police say Sokol’s three children are under the care of family members.

    Christine D’Antonio
    KDKA [CBS-2] News (Pittsburgh, PA)
    October 23, 2013



  1. Josef Orwell
    I swear that reporters intentionally spread misinformation.

    Embalming fluid is slang for PCP. Some idiots have actually tried using embalming fluid.

    The media always, always, always, gets names and slang wrong. How many times has the news reported 25i-NBOMe as 2C-I?

    I'm tired of this bs. The news is supposed to be a reliable source of information. One visit to Erowid would cure their ignorance.
  2. Basoodler
    No wonder the war on drugs isn't going so well. The people tasked to rid the streets of drugs are unfortunately confused about what people are getting high on.

    They did come close with the reference to "wet" and "similar to pcp"... I guess

    anyway it may be a good idea to set up a doughnut stand near all of the funeral parlors in pittsburgh
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    Wonder why I can't get high on embalming fluid lately....
    After a quick research, here what embalming fluid contains:

    Phenol is a measurable component in the aroma and taste of the whiskey, generally ~30, but can be over 150pmm in the malted barley used to produce whisky.
    main ingredient of Chloraseptic for cough and itchy throat

    Glutaraldehyde, used for wart treatment, toxic, corrosive

    Formaldehyde disinfectant, adhesive, naturally in tobacco smoke, used for treatment of warts, can be tested with Marquis, highly toxic carcinogen

    different clot breaking medicine

    pink food dye

    Humectants, for moisturizing, inactive food and cigarette addictive, related to silicon

    Anti-Edemic chemicals for drawing excess liquid out.

    Additional industrial disinfectants, Triton-28 internally, Dis-Spray or SaniSol 5 for the surface


    That's why you can't get high from any of these... most of the chemicals are not recreational and toxic, others inactive

    its like claiming you like to get high on this

    these people are sheeple who are ok with being brainwashed by dishonest lying journalists who will print anything

    "It’s a liquid similar to PCP and the effects are like no other street drug." Really?!
  4. RoboCodeine7610
    why on earth would they go as far as to say it was "formadehyde". Are they being intentionally stupid?

  5. Pseudovoyager
    "Regular drugs"? That sounds really stupid :)

    I can't believe the ignorance behind this story. I've also had friends that thought embalming fluid was a "different drug". I guess things like this article are why.
  6. Alien Sex Fiend
    South Park Colorado, the mortician's bottle of Worcestershire sauce accidentally falls into the embalming fluid and turns expired Kenny into a zombie. News!
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