By NicoMc · Nov 24, 2015 ·
  1. NicoMc
    Final Update. I failed.

    Well I tried to re-connect with her a few days after our call. She ignored Facebook and text messages. When I called her she rejected the call.

    Spoke to the 2 people I mentioned in my last blog post. They suggested leaving her a week and then contacting her. The girl said "She just needs bit more space most likely" The guy had text her in the meantime but got a reply at gone midnight 3 days later. Which he said was not a good sign.

    Left her a week to cool down again. Messaged her and she didn't read it. (Hey, that offer of a coffee to clear the air still stands if you want it. Let me know) I'm going to try calling her in a couple days. I suspect she won't answer.

    I have no clue whether it was me contacting her friend, her continuing drug use (and me being a non drug type) or her new partner that's driving this silent treatment.

    A friend of mine asked me "How close are you?"
    "Close enough that I want her to be clean, and feel obligated to try and be there for her"
    "Do you think she's worth the effort you're putting in?"

    That one stumped me. Last month. Definitely. This month after getting dropped? Honestly not so sure now. I feel let down. I know that this is what Addicts do to people. But it's difficult to motivate myself to keep banging my head against a brick wall. Trying to get some form of response from her. I can live with an argument. I can live with a "fuck off" But NOTHING is just so frustrating! If she called or messaged me out of the blue. I'd definitely answer. I don't consider my friendship with her finished. But maybe that's not my choice at the moment or even into the future. Maybe that makes me an idiot or a doormat...

    So I suspect that is the end of that. Thanks to everyone for reading. Thanks for the comments on the blog and my forum thread. I hope you all get the results you hope for with regards to people you love and care for.


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