£800,000 of cocaine left on airport carousel

By BumpBump · Jun 9, 2009 · ·
  1. BumpBump
    UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers only discovered the drugs when they were alerted to an abandoned suitcase at Heathrow Airport on Friday.
    On examining the bag, which arrived on a flight from Mexico, they found it contained 20 kilos of the class A drug.

    The case was then passed to HM Revenue and Customs investigators.
    Stuart Robinson, HMRC senior investigation officer, said: "At present we have not identified a passenger for this baggage.
    "Our investigations in to this matter are ongoing."
    Last month it was reported that the disruption of drug trafficking rings had caused the wholesale price of cocaine in Britain to rise by 15 per cent since last year, reflecting a fall in supply.
    According to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the smugglers who traffic the drug to Britain are "in retreat" following a series of operations against them.
    Smuggling rings increasingly use West Africa as a staging post for bringing Latin American cocaine to Europe and Soca has responded by increasing its presence in the transit zone.


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  1. Roads
    Sucks hard for whoever lost all that coke!
  2. bcubed
    (Getting in car at airport) "Gee, I just can't quite shake this feeling that I'm forgetting something..."
  3. yaba
    Sorry mate... I fucked up and forgot the suit case. LOL
  4. fuelBrain
    nah they didnt forget it, they probably just thought someone was on to them..... or they were being used as a drugmule and he decided to stand up to them. either way, somebodys pension down the drain
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