85-Year-Old Houstonian Woman Pushing for Pot Legalization, and She Won't Give Up

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    HOUSTON - "I've always been pretty outspoken," said Ann Lee.

    At 85 years old, Ann Lee looks like anyone's grandmother. "I don't know whether it's my age, the white hair, what is it, but it does seem to strike a chord," said Lee.

    But don't let the white hair fool you. She's a fiery Republican who believes you have the right to use marijuana. "It's just me, I believe in this," said Lee.

    For Lee, it's personal. She wasn't always a supporter of weed. That changed when her son was bound to a wheelchair, and needed it to treat his condition. "We realized marijuana wasn't the weed of the devil which I had been known to say," said Lee. She and her husband Bob fought to legalize weed since then. Bob died last week. Now it's her job to finish what they started together.

    "This is heady stuff for this lady," said Lee. "I've been an activist for many years, but I've never had the response that I'm now getting. She knows more about weed than someone half her age, and even has the occasional edible. Activists call her the perfect weapon in the marijuana reform movement. "It's not Republican to support prohibition," said Lee.

    Fresh off a trip to Austin, her sights now set on a trip to Washington. She says she'll spend the rest of her days fighting for adult's right to light up.

    "The government has no business telling you you cannot," said Lee.

    KHOU News/Feb. 21, 2015
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    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. bobes
    with the greatest respect i propose a million (see attached ) march
  2. Joe-(5-HTP)
    It's a good, often overlooked argument. We're more used to hearing the economic, racial or failure of the drug war arguments. But this argument works too:

    The government should not have the right to tell us what we can or cannot do with our own bodies in the privacy of our own homes.

    It's obvious how this appeals to conservatives who supposedly believe in small government.

    There is this moral/political argument too, let's not forget it.
  3. Sleepynurse

    Exactly, it's actually a very "conservative" viewpoint to stand against the waste of time and resources by a big government to interfere with people's private lives. If only more people gave a little thought about that in which they claim to believe. Religion has become too intertwined with so many political beliefs where they really don't belong. She, herself, said it was the devil's weed, or whatever (sorry can't see the article at this moment).

    Anyway, glad she found some purpose in her life. Hope it brings her some peace.
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