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  1. Zandorf

    <B =Dateline>DETROIT -- [/B]The Detroit police narcotics enforcement unit found more than 9,000 pounds of marijuana in an abandoned warehouse on Thursday.

    Officers entered the warehouse in the 15100 block of Hamilton Street on Detroit's west side and seized the marijuana, which was processed in square blocks and packaged in garbage bags, according to a news release from the Detroit Police Department.
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    <DIV align=center>[​IMG]</DIV></A> video.gif See Video Of Detroit Police Pot Bust </TD>
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    Police said the blocks each weighed about 45 pounds. The estimated street value of the drugs was about $17 million, according to Local 4 reports.
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    Police said due to the large amount of the drug found, it appears the warehouse was used as a storage and distribution site.

    No arrests were made.

    In the first four months of 2005, the narcotics unit has confiscated more than $58 million worth of illegal drugs, according to the release.

    Won't even make a dent. God i love Canada. smiley36.gif Edited by: Zandorf


  1. CottonMouth Man
    9000 POUNDS??


    and not told the police obviously
    well, some one is out some serious $
  2. dopefiend
    Damn, finally we get an accurate drug bust figure. 9000x2000=18000000 thats means they worked it out at less than 2000$ a pound (street value estimates are usually done with something rediculous like 10$/gram.) At least the other side is starting to play fair.


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