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90,000 ecstasy tablets seized during checkstop

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    90,000 ecstasy tablets seized during checkstop

    An estimated 90,000 hits of ecstasy, which fetch between $10 and $20 per pill, were plucked off the street late Thursday at a police checkstop just outside Medicine Hat.

    Police say 30 kilograms of the drug were found during a routine check for impaired drivers on the Trans-Canada Highway.

    Redcliff RCMP Const. Tyler Macphail, who made the bust, called it "fairly substantial."

    He said Friday the six bags of tablets weren't in plain view, but "there was no sort of attempt to make them hidden."

    Macphail wouldn't say what aroused suspicion and prompted a search of the car.

    The checkstop, Macphail explained, was set up with the goal of nabbing drivers getting a jump on long weekend festivities.

    A Halifax woman, Tandra Dawn Carvery, 23, is facing charges in connection with the bust.

    MAY 22, 2010


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