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  1. Johan73
    View attachment 9667 Police say a Marshfield man is facing marijuana charges after he unintentionally dialed 911.

    State police say they received a 911 hang-up call last week from the home of 52-year-old Andrew Tibbittes but when the dispatcher called back, the phone was busy so police went to the home.

    Police say no one answered the door, so the trooper walked around the house where he says he found four marijuana plants growing, according to the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus.

    The trooper knocked on the door again and woke up Tibbittes who said there was no emergency.

    Police searched the home and found two more marijuana plants.

    Tibbittes is facing a felony charge of growing marijuana and a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession.

    MARSHFIELD, Vt. (AP) - Associated Press - July 13, 2009 5:35 AM ET


  1. RedBaron
    Wow, what an unfortunate way to get busted like that........Tibbittes should of definitely known not to fuck around with that number though. A stupid mistake on his part if he just hung up and changed his mind. Or it could of just been a complete accident, either way a real shitty run of events.
  2. twoiko
    Reminds me of a case a while ago when a toddler called 911 by accident and got his parents arrested because they were growing and cops came busting in and found them.
  3. Nvr2Stond
    Not too long ago there was a case where a dog's paw held down the "9" on a cellular phone, which dialed 911 for some reason, police arrived too hundreds of pot plants.
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