92 pounds of weed

By Shiacmkmleer · Dec 29, 2006 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer

    Police Pull Over Man Smoking Pot, Find $250K Worth

    Jeffrey Populorum Was Pulled Over For Running A Stop Sign

    (CBS) CHICAGO A man was caught with a quarter million dollars' worth of marijuana Thursday evening after he was caught allegedly smoking a joint when police pulled him over on a traffic stop.

    Police saw a man run a stop sign in at Kenneth Avenue and George Street on the city's Northwest Side around 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

    Police said the man, Jeffrey Populorum, 46, was smoking a joint when they pulled his car over.

    When officers looked some more, they found 92 pounds of marijuana in the car, amounting to $250,000 worth.

    Populorum was charged with felony possession of cannabis.

    He was smoking a joint when they pulled him over... how does someone like that aquire 92 pounds of weed?

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  1. katukulysm
    how does someone aquire 92 pounds of weed you ask......well pretty easily actually. swikat knew a friend who was raided by the damn dea. they only found 50 pounds in his freezer. theres no tellin where he was hiding the other 250. but thats stupid. what a dumbass, haulin around that much weed and smokin a joint and then running a stop sign. this is probably why drugs get such a bad reputation. dipshits like that.
  2. Nostradamus
    If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: while driving around 92 pounds of weed make sure you follow all the traffic rules. (Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket.)

    That must of been a huge freezer to hold 50 pounds of weed.
  3. drugsrbad
    people are so ignorant. You should follow traffic anyway. The reason they are in place is so you don't get killed. Nevermind you have 92 pounds of weed, come on is it really that hard. Who would smoke a joint when cops are pulling you over....retarded.
  4. Shiacmkmleer
    Dude thats the same excuse they use to keep weed illiegal. "Its for your safty" and "you'll kill your self".

    and my question wasnt how does on aquire that much weed but how does a dumbass like this aquire that much weed....
  5. katukulysm

    they found it in a deep freeze. one of those really huge ones.
  6. katukulysm

    maby he grew it??
  7. drugsrbad
    So your saying traffic rules arent for safety? so running stop signs is safe? i disagree completely. live in jersey with all the moron drivers and you will realize that if you don't follow traffic laws you will be dead in a minute.
  8. Shiacmkmleer
    I've lived two places in my life one was New York and the other was Detroit... the drivers in Detroit are terrible! And no, I approve of traffic GUIDELINES not rules! When its three in the morning and you can see a mile in either direction why should you have to wait 2 min for a light to change?

    And weed is dangorous... why you could get lung cancer from smoking it... or even want to kill your freinds and steal from your parents !:snort:
  9. drugsrbad
    yeah i get your point. Jersey is probably on par with detroit especially middle of jersey. swim normally doesn't wait for lights to change at 2 in the morning . I killed my friends from smoking weed acctually i was so high the devil made me do it, i also ran over a kid at burger king. haha
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