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962 charged in 680 drug cases this year

By Guttz, Dec 12, 2010 | |
  1. Guttz
    THE General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police registered 680 drug cases, involving 962 suspects and managed to seize 1,019 kilogrammes of various drugs during the first eleven months of 2010, according to the department’s director, Major General Abdul Jaleel Mahdi Mohammed.

    “The department’s statistics showed that 152 kilogrammes of heroin, 18 kilogrammes of opium, 747 kilogrammes of hashish, 44 kilogrammes of cocaine, and 38 kilogrammes of crystal was the break-up of the total amount of drugs seized during the 11-month period,” noted Mahdi.

    “Of the 962 people arrested and charged, majority of them — 319 — were drug addicts,” he said.

    Maj. Gen. Mahdi has particularly warned against the danger of the drug crystal narcotic. He said that this substance contains methamphetamines, which are stimulants that speed up the brain and gradually damage its cells.

    “It is produced in ice or crystal form. The base is wrapped in paper or stuffed into pipes and snorted, inhaled or smoked. Also it can be mixed in a drink, or injected or swallowed,” he added.

    According to Maj. Gen. Mahdi, the price per kilogramme of methamphetamine is Dhs70,000-Dhs120,000. “It is more expensive than heroin, but because of the efforts exerted by the police, this substance has spread only among a limited number of foreigners residing in the country. The latest haul of this drug weighed 3 kilogrammes.”

    He pointed out that the crystal narcotics first appeared in South Korea and then spread to South East Asian countries, particularly Philippines.

    By Ghaisa Ghaibour
    December 12, 2010


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