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  1. poppylove423
    I have my doubts that anyone will read this, so its more a release for me than anything.

    Ive been on suboxone for almost two years with the occasional "real" opie now and again. Ive been up to 16 mg and the last two days tapering that number until im down to 1 or less. After being sick from bupe, you learn a little goes a long way. What usually happens to me is that o forget that im high. I just feel normal so i redose chasing that original dose. So today im down. Ive had about 4mg and will have 6 before the day is over. I am down to two so i have to stretch them the best i can. Thats about all. I have a baclofen refill for in the morning so im hoping that helps me go a little longer between doses. Got clonidine today. Its best for sleep though.


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