9th annual Bioethics Forum in WI- Towards a Science of Consciousness conference 2010

By moda00 · Apr 25, 2010 ·
  1. moda00
    Well, I attended the 9th annual Bioethics Forum at the Biotechnology Center Institute- Taking the Measure of the Magic Mirror: Towards a Science of Consciousness conference in Madison, WI yesterday and the day before.. I am not sure how a conference could be both so exhausting and so rejuvenating, but I suppose that is the experience of the psychedelic conference, as it was in Basel in '08.. some great speakers and good vibes, and connected with some wonderful people which is always a wonderful aspect of such events.. :thumbsup:

    Will be posting up some notes from the lectures, but for now just wanted to check in post-conference and say that it was a great event and while I am pretty tired, I will be making an effort to type up my lecture notes from the presentations and pass along the knowledge shared.. I am under the impression some speakers may have come directly from MAPS in CA to this conference in WI, so maybe some of the same presentations, though am unsure if our MAPS attendees will be posting lecture notes (please do if you can! :)) Also would love to know about video being made available as referenced.

    This conference also introduced me to a very cool presenter and author, Peter Russell. Had some good conversations with him and he is just great, I also picked up an extra copy of one of his DVDs and had him sign it as an option for auction to help raise funds for DF if there is an interest, most of the books sold out really fast so I got my copies of some on the first day, but the second day they were gone (and mine are addressed to me in my name lol, so ain't nobody getting those ;)) but the DVD is awesome, it's two videos on one disc, The Global Brain and The White Hole in Time (see here http://www.peterrussell.com/Ordering.php#DVD) so I'll get in touch with Alfa about it before posting anything definitive, but for those interested in the mystical and spiritual sides of consciousness and experience, and the connectedness that many of us associate with states of entheogen use and meditation, he has a fascinating take on these issues and I highly recommend checking him out. And again I won't post to the forum until confirming with Alfa, but I did purchase and get signed this particular DVD with the intent of selling it on DF's behalf for fundraising, so FYI it's here and waiting..

    Hope everyone who went to the MAPS one had a good time, and hopefully I will be able to make it out for next year!


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