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  1. Basoodler
    The 66-year-old farmer was taken to hospital after he maintained an erection for several days

    A farmer has had to undergo an operation on his fractured penis after deliberately overdosing on Viagra.

    Gentil Ramírez Polanía, from the village of Gigante near Huila in Columbia, said he took the drug in order to enjoy an amorous encounter, but the tactic drastically backfired.

    He told the La Nacion newspaper that he became worried after his erection continued for several days and began to show signs of bruising.

    The pensioner, who said he retired to a life of farming after serving as a local councillor, initially tried to ignore the problem, but after the pain increased he was forced to go to his doctor.

    Alarmed by his condition, the man was transferred to a hospital in Neiva where he medics said his penis was inflamed, fractured and showed signs of gangrene.

    He narrowly avoided an amputation and is still recovering in hospital.

    “The patient showed bruising on the testicles and penis, was treated and is recovering well,” said a doctor.

    Speaking to El Tiempo newspaper from his hospital bed, Mr Polanía said he paid 2,500 Columbian pesos, around 80pence, for the Viagra pills.

    The hospital has warned other locals against using such drugs without prescription in the future.



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